Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday 5 May – Back in Cornwall

Current location: Sennen, Cornwall
11.11am, At Sennen Beach. Mum and I had gone for a walk along the cliffs and the beach, as it's my favourite place in the world, then gone back into Penzance for a yummy lunch. Nicky came over in the afternoon, and we hung out at Mum and Dad's amazing new house, eating a cream tea and acting like we were 15 again. I love how easy it is to be around my close friends, even when I haven't seen them for a year. 

In the evening, I popped up to Pippa's house and saw her amazing family, then Pip and I went out to a lovely new seafood and wine barin Newlyn, called Mackerel Sky. Ruth came and joined us (and Nicky too, a bit later) and I felt thoroughly at home again, like I'd never left!

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