Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunday 9 August - Bye bye 'Burra

Current location: NSW somewhere
11.11am, Driving back from Culburra. I was with Colin and Christabel, and we stopped for epic doughnuts in Berry, then carried on through the gorgeous NSW countryside to Sydney, where I saw Andy, watched some netball (the World Cup started this weekend) and played some netball. Back to busy Sydney life!

Saturday 8 August - Celebrating Chrissy B

Current location: Culburra, NSW
11.11pm, Probably in a cupboard somewhere. Or maybe under a bed. We were playing Sardines, which, if you haven't played it before, could potentially be a large hole missing in your life. It's a ridiculous game that could not be more fun, especially when you have a giant house that no-one knows, whiskey and some fun-loving individuals.

Tonight we were celebrating Christabel's birthday, which was earlier in the week. We started the day with a beautiful breakfast, thanks to Colin and the birthday girl, then the boys went out surfing while us girls went out for a walk on the beach that our house leads onto. (We have our own private walkway straight onto the sand!) We had a gorgeous stroll and sit and chat, looking out to the sea and just soaking up the sun and revelling in the beauty! We've all had quite a lot going on recently so it's so nice just to take some time out and chill out a bit.

When we got back to the house, we were all up for a lazy afternoon, so a couple of people had a nap or read magazines on the couch, while Sha, Christabel and I attempted yoga (well, Christabel and I attempted yoga; Sha is a freaking yoga machine!).

As the afternoon went on, Tristan and Sha cooked us up an exquisite feast... Crab and prawn polenta and two gourmet salads, which we enjoyed with Champagne and birthday cake... And then it was time for the games. And the drinking. The games, predictably, got sillier, and the drinking continued, and the Sardines got more extreme and the night was awesome.

Friday 7 August - To Culburra!

Current location: Culburra, NSW
11.11pm, Playing Jenga. Or a Kmart version of Jenga called Tumbling Towers. And my, how the towers tumbled! That may have had something to do with our wine levels and lack of steady hands... 

Seven of us (Bree, Nick, Sha, Tristan, Colin and Christabel and I) were down in Culburra, about two-and-a-half hours south of Sydney, for a weekend away. 

I came down with Sh and Tristan after work, and had the most hilarious journey down, which involved starting a sorority, eating many Cheezels, lots of swearing, a Coles challenge, and some impromptu pizza and wine. The house we arrived at is absolutely insanely gorgeous, and so we all got comfy on the couch, cracked open the wine and the boardgames and settled in for a lazy, lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tuesday 4 August - Dana doggy dates!

Current location: Eveleigh, Sydney 
11.11am, Texting Andy to make a plan. He came to meet me at lunchtime at the park across the road from work, with Dana (his parents' dog) who we are dogsitting for a couple of days. She's pretty bloody lovely, but pretty bad at selfies. 

Monday 3 August -Pink ladies

Current location: Alexandria, Sydney 
11.11pm, Sleeping. Not much to tell there. But I wanted to share this pic of three of us friends who turned up to the gym tonight all accidentally dressed the same. Go team!

Sunday 2 August - Balcony beauty

Current location: Tomakin, NSW
11.11am, On the balcony, eating brekkie. I have loved not doing very much this weekend, and this morning was no exception. We got up late, hung out on the balcony in the sunshine (the second picture is the view from our balcs, the third picture was the view from bed when I woke up!) and then went back to Mogo to the place with the amazing ginger scones.

On the drive on the way back to Sydney, we saw a whole load of kangaroos – always exciting – and then went in to Thirroul to see our beautiful friends Ali and Hoppo and meet their gorgeous baby daughter Anna. What a weekend!

Saturday 1 August - Shores and fores

Current location: Tomakin, NSW
11.11am, On a beach. I'm not sure which one, as today we went on a bit of a drive around and visited a few beaches. It was beautiful weather, especially for winter, and we both felt just so relaxed with nothing to do but wander and potter and explore and hang out. Not setting an alarm this morning was pretty ace!

There's a very cute little village called Mogo, where we found the yummiest ginger scones (almost worth the drive down from Sydney just for these!), then we went back to our apartment for the afternoon; Andy went to play golf and I read my book, then joined him on the course. I've never played golf before – and it definitely showed! My worst was 13 on a par 3 (apparently I play it like hockey instead of golf!) but I managed a double bogey by the end, which Andy told me was good. It was fun though, and I saw a wallaby on the course, which was naturally the highlight!

In the evening, I made us a scrummy dinner (cooking with wine, it's the one thing I can do), then we just had a super chilled night of TV, reading, wine – and I had the bubbliest bubble bath!

Friday 31 July - Southern sojourn

Current location: Tomakin, NSW
11.11pm, Drinking wine and watching The Bachelor. Andy and I have come on a little weekend away down south, near Batemans Bay. We drove down after work and then immediately made dinner, turned on the heating, opened a bottle of wine and watched crappy TV for hours. (We don't have a TV so this was quite the treat!)

Thursday 30 July - Rehydration station

Current location: Alexandria, Sydney
11.11pm, Sleeping. Tonight, after press day, I played a couple of games of netball. There was a gap of 40 minutes in between them, so I did what any 29-year-old social netballer would do, and celebrated the game we'd just played (and actually lost) with a beer, and prepped for the next game with an apple. That works, right?

Wednesday 29 July - Ma Bookwurmz Babes

Current location: Alexandria, Sydney
11.11pm, Chatting to Jess in bed. She stayed over after book club, which was at mine tonight. It was, as always, lovely to catch up with everyone, and we even had an extra visitor in Hemi, Rochy's little dog! He was too wriggly to get a good photo though!