Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday 25 May - Bath time!

Current location: Somewhere in south-west England
11.11am, Driving. We were on a motorway somewhere, our way to Bath, where we were meeting my whole entire family. All sisters, all partners, all parents, all children. Sixteen of us! We got to Bath a little early, then went to meet my sister (who also got there a little early) Pippa in the park, with her husband and kids. We played for the next hour or so (my favourite game was 'Piggyback football'), then went to the house to meet the others. The house was amaaaazing! Set over five floors, it was an old Victorian house, and so massive and beautiful.

We all went for a walk into town (no mean feat for 16 people!) then headed back to the house to make the kids dinner and put them to bed. Once all six were fast asleep, Andy made dinner for all the adults, we opened the wine and had a merry old evening. 

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