Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday 26 July – Good news

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Trying to get a few bits finished at work before I headed off to a surgeon's appointment. I met the amazing Dr David Broe, who is going to fix my knee up, my knee which currently looks like "mush" (actual quote). I'm so bloody stoked!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday 24 July – More pubs and pals

Current location: Queens Park
11.11am, Watching my (former) football team. They nailed it, once again, and won 8-0! Such a fabulous bunch of humans, I'm so glad I met them and got to play with them for half a season! It's pretty ace though, that even though my knee injury means I'm no longer playing, I know I have made some really good friends there. After the game, a bunch of us went for lunch, then stayed for the arvo having some beers and plotting how we would set our handsome captain up with some friends. When we left a few hours later, I went to the pub in Surry Hills for Mitch's birthday, where I ate a roast, and saw more awesome friends. We are very lucky to know such great peeps here, from all corners of the world... Today's friends were from: Germany, Scotland, Colombia, England, Holland, Chile... and Australia!

(Pic from when I was still playing)

Saturday 23 July – Bucket list item!

Current location: Bondi

11.11pm, On the way home from Bondi, where I'd been all day. Finally, after three years of living here, I got to go to the beautiful Icebergs, just near Bondi Beach. Our book club (Bookwurmz) usually goes away on a little weekend away, but this year all got a bit too hectic, so we decided to have a fancy lunch instead. It was so good! The weather was stunning, we had a great table, the food was insanely yummy, the bubbles were flowing, and it really was epicly special. I'm so glad I finally got there.
After a looooong lunch, we went for another drink, then as most people ducked off home, I headed to my friend Willis' house for more drinks and dinner. An awesome day, of so much food, so much wine, and so, so much joy.

Friday 22 July – Outdoor drinking

Current location: Sydney
11.11pm, In a cab on the way home. Very indecisive after work, I couldn't make my mind up whether to have a quiet night in or go out and have some drinks with friends. Guess which one won?! And as it was super warm and lovely tonight, the drinks were al fresco.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday 17 July – Mads makes things normal (ish)

Current location: Alexandria

11.11am, Getting home from seeing beautiful Maddie. She is my gorgeous, gorgeous friend who always makes me feel happy! She knows I'm out of sport for a while, but suggested we go and shoot some netball goals so I at least am remembering how to throw and catch, haha. I basically stood still while she ran around the court throwing the ball at me and collecting my rebounds. I heart her. Afterwards, I went to watch my football team play (we won 9-1! Woo! My friend Ali scored 8 goals!!!), and then we went to see the fam at a new pub called the Dolphin, for a few wines. By then it was dinnertime, so we caught up with Jess, Lou, Jade and theie boys for a roast at Dove and Olive.

Saturday 16 July – Cancel all plans

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Leaving to go to the northern beaches to watch Andy play soccer. As I'm now not playing any sport for a good while, I am focusing on being head cheerleader. I had some evening plans but as I'm still pretty sore and the swelling in my knee hasn't gone down, I cancelled them all and lay on the couch with Andy and played Trivial Pursuit instead.

Wednesday 13 July – Gutted

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, At work, blissfully unaware. A few hours later, my physio would call and tell me he had the results of an MRI I had yesterday. He sent me to get an MRI done on my left knee, following an awkward landing at netball a couple of weeks ago. First off, it was looking like torn cartilage, but hasn't been getting better and the swelling hasn't gone down. It turns out there's good reason for that: I have ruptured my ACL and torn my meniscus. In short, I need surgery. And no more netball for probably a year. Or football. Or any team sports. Gutted doesn't really come close.
Luckily, in the evening, we went to our friends Juan and Gosia's house, and they made us dinner and fed me wine and that made me much happier. But still, gutted.

Saturday 9 July – Double party time

Current location: Clovelly

11.11pm, In the pub, for Lou's birthday. Lots of fun, lots of drinks, lots of new people and good times with Lou, Percy, Jade, Sam, Jess, Mitch and some of their lovely friends. In the day we went to our friend Em's birthday picnic in Rushcutters Bay, where the sun was shining and it was perfect weather and company for a picnic!

Friday 8 July – Triple the fun

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, At work, dressed the same of two of my friends, Aaron and Kristie.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Thursday 7 July – Birthday feasting

Current location: Alexandria

11.11am, Drinking coffee. I got up to watch the Wales v Portugal Euro semi-final this morning (Wales lost, booooo), which resulted in me being pretty tired out all day! I got my second wind in time for the evening though, when I went out to Bodega in Surry Hills for my friend Em's birthday. It was such a good restaurant – we ate like kings – and the company was awesome too... We ate calamari, and mussels, and the most insanely good bread I've ever had (really), and prosciutto, and pork, and fish, and pumpkin salad – although just calling them 'pork' and 'pumpkin salad' etc is really selling them short. The food was amazing! We were almost too full for the desserts – milk parfait with raspberry granita, and a banana-split inspired dessert – but dug deep and managed to eat them all. So yummy and fun (and blurry). 

Tuesday 5 July – Deportivo Fat Boys

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Home, after a few wines and some footy. I'm out of action for a week or two so instead of playing netball tonight, I went to watch Andy's futsal team... It's such a fast sport, I had no idea! The boys (his team is called Deportivo Fat Boys) won 8-1, so we went for a few beers/wines to celebrate, and ended up in a long discussion about world politics. #hooligans

Monday 4 July – Wedding wine

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Lying on the couch. I didn't go to work today because last night I hurt my knee at netball and was in lots of pain, so I went to see the physio. He diagnosed torn cartilage, and so I spent the afternoon with ice on the knee, or hobbling around, until Andy came home and I demanded we open some wedding wine (a lovely pressie) to salvage the day :)

Sunday 3 July – Germany v Italy, Freelance United v ABC

Current location: Queens Park
11.11am, Playing football. Today was definitely football day – we got up at 4.15am to go to our German's friends' house in Bondi, to watch the Germany v Italy Euros quarter-final. Obvs we were going for Germany – who won in a penalty shootout after 1-1 after extra time. Celebrations at our friends' house! We were actually all pretty knackered from the early start, but went out for breakfast and then we all headed down to Queens Park for our match (our friends play in our team too)... And we won 8-0! What a game! A few drinks, a netball match, and then an early night for me.

Saturday 2 July – Rushcutters soul feeding

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Napping. Andy and I got up at 5am to watch the Wales v Belgium Euros quarter-final (Wales won! Wooooo!) so I went back to bed for a bit. We were going to go to the northern beaches for the afternoon, but ended up in Rushcutters Bay, where Andy played some football, and I read my book and drank coffee in the sunshine. So good for the soul!
After a couple of hours, I walked for an hour in the sunshine to my beautiful friend Maddie's house, where a few of us were watching the Swifts netball match against the Steel, with some snacks and wine. Swifts drew, but we definitely won with the snacks and the wine!
I headed back to Erskineville, where Andy and I continued our tradition of going out for pasta on Saturday night at our favourite little Italian... Carb-loading for football on Sunday, of course!

Friday 1 July – Date night with Jessie

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Sending a million meails. Maybe just three or four, but Jess and I were trying to get our organise on, and we weren't making it easy for ourselves. We couldn't decide whether to eat out, watch a fil,, go to her house, go shopping, etc etc.
So after work, we met in Town Hall, and went to see Me Before You... What a bloody tearjerker! I'd read the book, so knew the story, but I have to say Emilia Clarke brought it to life, she is amazing! After the movie, when we'd stopped wiping our eyes and blowing our noses, we went to Miss Chu for dinner, chats, and general Friday night loveliness. Great date!

(Photo taken from Emilia Clarke's Instagram account, from the set of the film).

Wednesday 29 June – No lights no lycra

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Making plans with Sarah for tonight. I went to a No Lights No Lycra dance party, which was Beyonce themed, and it was so liberating and fun and hilarious. You literally dance for an hour in a pitch black room, so I got to try out all those dance moves I'd never try with the lights on. It really is 'Dance like no-one's watching' – because they're not! Then we 'had' to have a wine to rehydrate...

Sunday 26 June – Shooting Hoops

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Shooting hoops with Maddie. She's so bloody good for my soul, and I love love LOVE hanging with her!
(This is her picture – she is even more of a netball nerd than I am. Hard to believe, right?!)

Saturday 25 June – Three's the magic number

Current location: Paddington, Sydney
11.11pm, At Bree's house! It was my third party of the day/evening – a surprise party for Breezer for getting a new job. I missed the 'surprise!' part of it, as I was at my friend Christina's leaving drinks at Lil' Darling, and before that I was at an F45 end of challenge/end of netball party in Tempe! So many good people and so much celebration.

Thursday 30 June – Ducks fly together

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Creeping in from an awesome night out with my Thursday mixed netball team, Brooklyn. We went to Miss Peaches in Newtown, and had food and drinks and LOLs and presented awards, and then went to CrumbleTop for dessert. Man I love these guys!

Thursday 23 June – Cheers to me!

Current location: Erskineville
11.11pm, At home, after the pub. I raised a glass to myself for surviving three weeks of crazy work.

Sunday 19 June – Adelaide cruising

Current location: Adelaide
11.11am, Eating a massive brekkie. One of our fave things about the hotel (as well as its proximity to the beach, and how ballin' it was!) was the amazing brekkie options – literally any breakfast food you think of. Today we had fresh juices, pancakes, coffee, fruit, omelette, bacon, yoghurt – we just couldn't stop!

After brekkie, we had a wander around the hotel and found the pool (beautiful, but too cold to try it out properly!) and then went back to bed for an hour or two to make the most of our late checkout. Next we headed out to the beach across the road, for a yummy coffee and some 'healthy' brownies, and lots of chatting and topping up our happy soul levels.

Glenelg, where we're staying, is such a cute little part of Adelaide so we had a mosey around the shops, buying things we didn't need (and some very expensive dried mango) before heading out to the airport. Even then, we were still laughing and having fun – I think being bored is literally impossible with Lauren. She just has so many interesting thoughts and hilarious observations, I find myself in these rabbit-holes of conversation with her. My flight was delayed, but I didn't care... I had lollies, chips and so, so much love in my heart!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Saturday 18 June – Radelaide

Current location: Adelaide
11.11am, On a food tour. I don't even know if I can describe how amazing today was. We woke up, tired and a bit hungover after our late night of chats, and kind of wished we hadn't booked a 'Secret Food' tour for 10am. We had an amazing breakfast (seriously, this hotel is next level – it's next to the beach, is so fancy, and has EVERYTHING you could possibly want for brekkie!) and then went into the city to start the tour. After kind of regretting booking it, we turned up, and immediately started loving it. It was just us, our guide Gemma, and another girl from San Francisco, and we all got on really well. We went to five epic food places, which all had some element of 'secret' about them, including a wholefoods place, a vegan place, a diner-style place, a tea and coffee emporium and ending at a New Orleans bar for lunch. We were stuffed! Halfway through the tour, I also happened to bump into the Swifts, my fave netball team, and absolutely lost my mind! I tried to chat but got all confused about what days they were playing, and made a fool of myself. Oh well.

After the tour was over (it was so good, seriously), we ended up going to the casino to drink Champagne, put on some bets and, er, watch the netball. We stayed there for hours, drinking and chatting and still laughing so much, and then left to try and get dinner. I say 'try', because it turns out Adelaide doesn't have many dinner options at 9.30pm on a Saturday night. And when I say 'many', I mean 'any'. So we went to Maccas #dontjudge.

We also went for ice-cream and cannoli, and then hopped on a tram back to our hotel, where there just happened to be a club downstairs. It was hilarious, everyone else there was maximum 18 years old, apart from a few awkies-looking older people like u shuffling around. We decoded to just embrace and danced our little socks off, still laughing, still chatting, still having the best time ever.

Friday 17 June – Vivid and Adelaide

Current location: Adelaide!
11.11pm, Getting a dressing gown on and pouring a red wine! Tonight after work, I went to meet Jess and Andy to see Vivid (a cool festival in Sydney where all the buildings have lights and animations on them), and then I flew to Adelaide! My Aussie BFF Lauren lives in Perth, so we thought Adelaide would be a good mid-point for a weekend together. And, I'm not joking, from the minute we met each other, we did not stop laughing or talking. Our hotel was AMAZING and, as we didn't arrive until about 11pm, we got straight into our PJs, poured wine, ordered room service and chatted until 3am.

Sunday 12 June – Nothing

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, In bed, feeling a bit rubbish. Some of that was definitely related to last night's unlimited Champagne situation, but as the day went on, I got more of a cold and just felt generally poorly. So I stayed in all day, leaving the house only to go and get cold and flu stuff.