Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday 9 September - Making the most of the beach

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, At Pippa's house, sorting out some beach stuff. I was in Cornwall for another day before heading back up to London and was making the most of it with my nephews, sister and parents. Even though it wasn't as sunny as the day before, we trekked off to the beach regardless, for everyone to go surfing (Vinny's new passion) then warm up with hot chocolate. I adore the Pyrahs/Higgins and also the beach, so today rocked!

Saturday 8 October - Kate Dann gets married!

Current location: Praa Sands, Cornwall
11.11pm, Dancing! Today Kate Dann got married! My oldest, childhood friend, who I have known and loved since the age of three-and-a-half.The sun shined down on her and it was a beautiful day, which started out at Germoe church and then moved to the Sandbar at Praa Sands. It was such amazing weather and we all went down to the beach for photos and paddling.

Kate looked absolutely, ridiculously beautiful, as did her two gorgeous bridesmaids, Emma and Megs. The speeches were hilarious, the food was delicious and the dancing went on for hours. I love that, however old and grown up my school friends get, I still always feel about 15 with them. I don't think we stopped smiling all night! Happy wedding day Kate and Matt, you wonderful pair, and sorry my very rubbish photos don't do the awesomeness of the day justice. Love you x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuesday 4 September - Welcome to the world, baby Jake!

Current location: London
11.11am, At work, awaiting a phone call from my mum. My eldest sister, Kate, was in hospital having her second child and we were all waiting to hear when they arrived, what she had, how they were. Mum called: "Have you heard yet?! You've got a new...nephew! Jacob Sydney Rees, 6lb, 7oz."
Hooray! Everyone was doing well and I was SO excited to be an auntie again; I think it's one of the very best relationships in the whole world. Welcome to the world, little Jake!

(Pictures were taken on Friday when I got to meet the little man and hang out with his big sister, Ella, who adores him, and thinks he is her baby.)

Sunday 2 September - Paralympic fever!

Current location: On the DLR
Andy and I were on our way home after going to the Olympic Park to watch some Paralympics. I have been really into the Olympics this year, and have loved it being in London, but I was totally surprised at how obsessed I would become with the Paralympics. The main obsession for me was men's wheelchair basketball. I couldn't get enough of watching it; the rule tweaks, the aggression, the accuracy – it's such an addictive sport!

A few weeks ago, when Olympic fever had started to set in, I bought Andy and I some tickets to watch the Paralympic athletics in the Olympic Stadium. Mum and Dad heard about it and wanted tickets too, then I got a message from my sister asking for tickets for her and our friend Immi. So this Sunday came around and we all met in Stratford, wearing lots of red, white and blue, and adorned with Union Jacks. It was so exciting!! The atmosphere was electric – an overused phrase, but it really was. Everyone was excited, slightly overwhelmed, a bit disbelieving...actually being inside the park was crazy, it's massive in there, but still manages to seem easy to navigate and really friendly.

Almost as soon as we got in there, we met up with our friend Mellis, who has been working at the Olympics. The day got even better when Mellis announced he had free tickets if we wanted them... to the MEN'S BASKETBALL, GB V POLAND!!! Oh my goodness, I nearly cried. Andy and I went to watch, cheer, whoop, holler, and buy Mellis a beer, while Mum, Dad, Claire and Immi headed into the stadium. An hour later, and a lot hoarser, we joined them (GB won the basketball, by the way!).

The stadium was amazing. I find it hard to describe the atmosphere in there but imagine 80,000 people screaming for one common purpose. There was no rivalry or anger, like there is with some sports; instead, everyone was cheering, singing national anthems, welling up, and generally supporting whoever was competing.

Although one of the most hyped-up events was the 200m final (as Oscar Pistorius was in it...and, er, lost and got angry! Video of the race, above), I thought one of the most amazing to watch was the blind 100m final. The women ran with guides, and watching these two people relying on each other so heavily, to achieve such success, was a real highlight of the Paralympics for me. The stadium went crazy for the 5,000m. David Weir raced to a gold medal, with everyone shouting and cheering at the top of their voices. I have never heard a noise like it! So, so proud. I will be gutted when the Paralympics is over, but I feel SO LUCKY that I got to be in London for it, and actually be there to watch some events. What a summer, what amazing people, and what a city!

Andy has some ace pictures so check out his blog post here.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thursday 30 August - Learning to knit by text

Current location: Lewisham, London
11.11pm, Binding off. I was just finishing off my very first scarf... I have started about four but this is the first one I have actually completed. I wanted to do it in time for my new niece or nephew to be born (my sister is due next week) and I am proud, excited and feel a bit like a nana. I learnt mainly from watching knitting videos on YouTube from KnittingTipsByJudy. Seriously, Judy is amazeballs. I also had a bit of help from my mum, via the medium of text message. Thanks Mum and Judy!