Monday, June 8, 2015

Thursday 14 May – Eating our way through Denmark

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark
11.11am, Eating breakfast. We have eaten so well while we've been here, and this morning's sausages, coffee and cinnamon roll were no exception! 
We didn't have to fly until late in the afternoon, so we went for a ride to digest our brekkie, then ended up in the park in the sunshine, with some Vietnamese pork rolls and a beer. Perfect way to end our little Danish jaunt! 
In the spirit of fitting as much into this trip as is humanly possible, once we'd landed, we went straight from Gatwick to the pub in Balham to meet a friend, Ben (part of the 'dream team' at Sarah's wedding last year). Fab to catch up and fab to be able to see so many people we love. 

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