Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Friday 1 May - To the museum!

Current location: London
11.11am, On our way to the Imperial War Museum. Kate and I discovered this morning that, weirdly, it's somewhere we've both always wanted to go to but have never been, so we decided to take Jake. It's a pretty cool museum, my fave bit being the exhibitions explaining about families send in their children away to safety in the world wars. What a decision. My friend Ri also joined us and we ate a yummy lunch, then I zoomed off to Farringdon to see my old boss from Liverpool, Anita. We used to work together on Candis magazine, and haven't seen each other for a couple of years so it was so ace to catch up with her. 
From there I headed back down to South London to meet the Reese's Pieces in Tooting for a curry. I absolutely love that Kate's five and two-year old kids like curry - proper south London children! 

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