Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunday 16 December - More festive fun with family and friends

Current location: Balham
11.11am, Getting into Kate's house. We'd been for a sunny morning walk (Ella on the scooter, Jake strapped onto me in a Baby Bjorn) before those guys went off to a birthday party and I went home. I then had a very festive afternoon of wrapping presents while listening to Christmas music and drinking Baileys, before heading into Central London to meet the amazing Rochy/Jdog combo for dinner. On our way home later, we wandered through Trafalgar Square, where there were carols by the Christmas tree. London at Christmas, you don't disappoint. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saturday 15 December - Niece and nephew extravanganza


Current location: Balham
11.11pm, Sleeping at my sister's house. I had an awesome afternoon at Kate's house, hanging out with her, Jim, Ella and Jake. It entailed decorating Christmas trees with Ella and cuddling my handsome hunk of a nephew. He is getting so massive and he is so gorgeous, and Ella so much fun (despite the odd meltdown she has!). A surprisingly effective way of getting ride of last night's hangover!

Friday 14 December - Work + Christmas mash-up

Current location: Covent Garden
11.11pm, Enforcing organised fun. Tonight, after months of planning, was our work Christmas do. We went to Belgo (Belgian restaurant in Covent Garden), and the food was so good! Especially considering how many people were there and how fast the food was served. I had mussels and a kind of beef casserole (I think it had a fancier, more Belgian name than that) and some yummy wine. Everyone was on fine form, showing off their Christmas jumpers and laughing about their Secret Santa gifts (I received a very fetching fake poo). I really do work with some beauties.
After dinner, some of us carried on to the pub, where nice conversation and gentle drinks gave way to raucous drinking games and inappropriate conversations. It was so fun; my Saturday hangover was not.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thursday 13 December - A good, honest lunch

Current location: Soho
11.11am, Trying not to eat anything. A few of us had decided to go for lunch at Honest Burger but last time we'd attempted it, it had been too busy – so we decided to go at midday. I thought I wasn't hungry but, when we got there, the burgers looked so amazing, I pretty much scoffed it in one go. And the rosemary chips (as good as the burger). And the home-made ginger beer.

Wednesday 12 December - Dream girls

Current location: Soho
11.11am, Emailing Bec. I haven't seen my dream blondie Aussies, Bec and Siobhan, for a little while, so we decided to meet in Gordon's tonight for some cheese and wine. There is something about these two that always makes for an awesome evening, even if we're just sitting and chatting (like tonight). So much love for them, and for Gordon's too! It was looking particularly spectacular tonight but I was having too lovely a time to stop and take a photo.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday 10 December - Snowy times in Lewisham

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Being warm, finally. Despite the (albeit small amount of) snow outside. Our gas meter broke last week, resulting in SIX DAYS with no hot water, heating or gas for the cooker. Sad times but now it's finally fixed, which meant that when I looked out the window this morning and saw snow, I was happy instead of horrified.

Saturday 8 December - A whole lot of netball festivities

Current location: Blackheath
11.11pm, Queuing for a taxi in Blackheath. Not to go home though, oh no. We had been out for our annual netball Christmas do and were'nt ready to call it a night yet. So off to our clubhouse we went! This involved gatecrashing a Sainsbury's Christmas party (think lots of 17-year-olds) and then successfully enforcing a lock-in when they tried to make us leave. And dancing a lot. What a load of amazing women I know!

It had been an excellent day of netball/Christmas love, which started at 8am when I met Nat for our 9am netball match. Sadly, we lost by a few goals (we'll get them in the next game!) and I then played a bit for the first team. A few hours later, and Rianne and I were on our way to her house for a festive afternoon of mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas films with Nat and Lucy.

I was already having such an awesome day, so to head over to Blackheath for our night out (via a quick stop off for some Baileys) was the icing on the Christmas cake. I don't think I stopped smiling all day. Definitely feeling the love for Blackheath Wanderers! Huge thanks to Katy for her excellent organising skills, and to the Wanderers for your excellent friendship/celebrating skills.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friday 7 December - Mamma Mia!

Current location: Covent Garden
11.11pm, In a bar. I'd been to see Mamma Mia! at the theatre with Catdog, Maryam, Rhi, Emma and Brodie. It was bloody awesome. Very cheesy, very singalong, bright colours, lots of fun! And always good to see the girls too.

Picture taken from Inquirer Lifestyle

Wednesday 5 December - Walking in a winter wonderland

Current location: On the train 
11.11pm, On the way back from Winter Wonderland
Tonight was meant to be a little jaunt to Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park. But thanks to rum, beer, hot dogs, and Christmas spirit, it turned into one of the silliest, most fun nights I've had in a while. A group of us went from work and got straight into the yuletide mood, going on rides, trying to take over a roasted chestnut stand and dancing in a way that means your muscles will hurt in the morning. Feeling very festive now!

Monday 3 December - Double dinners

Current location: Kilburn
11.11pm, At Robyn's house, getting ready for bed. Tonight we had our Book Club Christmas Dinner, hosted by Robs. It involved secret santa, amazing food, lots of wine and snacks and some of my favourite people ever. And a bit of talking about a book.

At work today, James brought in Christmas dinner for 12 people; he'd cooked it the night before and brought it in lots of tupperware for us to enjoy. I love work, especially when it involved pigs in blankets.

Sunday 2 December - I love being an auntie

Current location: Lewisham
11.11am, At home, making plans for later in the day. After getting home late from holiday last night, I woke up a bit late and then organised my afternoon. Yesterday was my beautiful niece Ella's third birthday and I missed her party due to being on a plane. So today I took her out for a really fun afternoon. We went walking in the park, then we went swimming (which was hilarious) and then we went for 'dinner'. This involved Ella eating spaghetti then drawing all over the table. Off to her home for bath, stories and bed. I love this little lady. The day was topped off with a cuddle with her little brother Jake, who is getting bigger by the day. Dream family!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturday 1 December - Back to cold England

Current location: Gran Canaria
11.11am, On our way to Sardina. Ruth and I had to go to the airport in the afternoon but we filled the morning with some awesome fun. We had a little balcony breakfast hang then went to a little town called Sardina for a walk and some lunch. We have eaten so much good food here, mainly seafood and a lot of mojo rojo!
It was a bit sad saying bye to the boys at the airport, especially as Andy won't be coming back for a few more weeks so he'll miss out on the run-up to Christmas in London. But Ruth and I had a funny journey back, not even minding when we were delayed and had to arrived in Stansted at midnight. Getting a cab back to Lewisham, I stepped into our house at 2am to find that the heating, hot water and gas oven were all not working. And it was -2˚C. What a welcome back to England after a week of temperatures in the mid-20s!

Friday 30 November - The day after the night before

Current location: Gran Canaria
11.11am, Tidying up from last night. A few beers turned into a bit of silliness so we got up, tidied up and then spent the day reading and eating, playing cards and napping. Like most days of the holiday! I love love love this holiday. 

As tonight was our last night altogether (Ruth and I are going home tomorrow; Jack and Andy are staying here for the competition), we went out for dinner to Galdar for pizza. There is a really pretty square we had seen earlier in the week so we had an al fresco drink before dinner, and then afterwards headed home for our last night of poker on the balcony! This week has gone so fast but has been exactly what I needed. Relaxing, beautiful and fun. Good times, good food, good people. 

Thursday 29 November - Day of fun, night of too much fun

Current location: Gran Canaria
11.11pm, Playing Ring of Fire. Today we had quite a chilled one of walking, swimming and then Andy standing on an urchin. Uh-oh. 
Ruth and I commiserated with him by…going for a massage. The massage was soooo good though, the best one I have had, and we both felt amazing afterwards (probably more amazing than Andy, sorry!!). 
We came home and got our glad rags on, as Andy and Jack had invited some friends over for some beers. We promised to behave ourselves and not cause too much mischief but unfortunately once the wine was open, we broke our promise pretty quickly. Descending into madness involving marker pens, headstands and gender-specific rules, it's was a night of mischief. But a LOT of fun too!