Monday, June 8, 2015

Saturday 16 May - Gloucestershire delights

Current location: Stroud, Gloucestershire
11.11am, In Stroud market. Maybe eating doughnuts, but I'm not sure exactly what time we ate them, and they were gone in less than a minute. We had a wander around Stroud, and then sun came out, so we went to Woodchester Park for a walk in the sunshine. Louis is such a delight to spend time with, especially outside, as he's just so interested in everything!

In the evening, Claire, Matt and I went out to a 30th party of two friends of theirs… It was a masked ball so we donned our (shop-bought) masks, then were awe at all the amazingly intricate homemade masks… It turns out the birthday boy and girl are both artists so there were a lot of very creative people at the party!

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