Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saturday 23 May - Pickles-Floyd wedding!!

Current location: Scorrier, Cornwall
11.11am, Applying fake eyelashes! Not something I do every day, but today isn't any old day... It's Lily and Adam's wedding day!!!!
The morning brought a crazy amount of fog but, as we drove north to Scorrier, the fog started to lift, leaving beautiful blue skies and sunshine. So lucky and so beautiful!
Lily was super excited and it was so fun all getting ready together, seeing the transformations as hair and make-up were done and dressed were put on. Lily's visions had all come together so perfectly!
The ceremony itself was so gorgeous. And so personal to the two of them, with laughter, tears and selfies all playing a part. Lily was a beaming beauty!
After the ceremony, we had some time to explore the stunning grounds and have a gin and lemonade on the lawn in the sunshine, then it was indoors for amaaaazing food and superb speeches (my favourite bit!).
It was so lovely to share the day with my sister and my school friends, and to see Lily so blissfully happy and having so much fun. One of my happiest memories was Adam's band playing MMMBop, and Lily and I dancing our socks off! I stayed on the dance floor for most of the night, joined by my sister, Andy and Mum when she and Dad arrived, and when it came time to leave, I had the sorest legs, the happiest heart and the biggest smile. Love you Lily and Ads! 

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