Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday 15 July – Paignton the town red

Current location: A train
11.11am, On my way to Paignton with Kate. We are having a Higgins weekend (well, night), with no husbands or kids, and we all met in Paignton in the afternoon and then went for a walk, to the pier, to have an ice cream, then to Torquay. Us daughters then had a cocktail and headed back into town to get ready for dinner. The six of us went out for a scrum dinner; the food was so good, then ended up back at our B&B drinking hot chocolate on our bed and going to bed by midnight. I love our family, and I have loved today and all the chats, laughter and fun that went with it.

Friday 14 July – My uni girls

Current location: London
11.11am, Going to see Maden again. It was lovely to see her, each day she's a teen bit brighter and more like herself, but it is hard seeing her in so much pain. I can't imagine how she's feeling. I had lunch with Kate and Jake and Andy, and went to Jake's nursery afternoon on the common, then headed back to see Sara. After seeing a lot of her in the past couple of days, it'll be funny not to be around her when we head off tomorrow.
In the evening I went to meet Catdog for a wine in Farringdon, and ended up in the sunshine, drinking rose, having more than a few wines, a burger, and then trying to have a chat in the middle of a noisy bar/club. Oh how I love you Catdog!

Wednesday 12 July – London calling

Current location: Greater London
11.11pm, Driving to London. My beautiful friend Sara has had a horrible accident (well, not an accident; two horrible men pushed her off her motorbike while she was driving it and she's pretty injured) so after work today, I have come up to see her (in the car with Nick and Andy).

Thursday 13 July – Lots of chats

Current location: London
11.11am, On my way to the hospital to visit beautiful Sara. It was intense, seeing my good friend in so much pain, but I am so proud of her. I also went to visit my old tutor, who I adore, and we had a coffee out in the sunshine and caught up on the past 10 years since I finished my Master's. Then back to see Maden, then I met Emily and stayed at hers. All over London, all the chats.

Sunday 9 July – Not a lot

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Eating my porridge and trying to warm up. I had a lie-in, then Mum and I went for a sea swim, which was so invigorating and gorgeous, but cold! I spent the rest of the day at home, lounging around and drinking tea, mostly.

Saturday 8 July – Exploring the north coast

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Bring slow at getting ourselves moving. We went to see Nicky and James' apartment in Cubert, and it is amazing! So cool. The boys all went for a surf, while we wandered around Newquay and ate a yummy lunch on the beach. Ruth, James, Andy and I went for a quick drink at the Smugglers Inn, then Andy and I decided to pop into Pip's on the way home (about 7pm)... to find Mum and Dad there having Pimm's in the garden! We obligingly joined in, the wine was opened and Andy and I left about 11.30pm! Love an impromptu hang.

Friday 7 July – Celebrate good times

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, At Ruth's, with Nicky, James, other James and Andy, where we were having a dinner party. Ruth and I had spent most of the day planning it (a Cornish-themed extravaganza). We had marinated beetroot with goats' cheese and rocket, baked pollock with Cornish new potatoes and spinach, a trio of Cornish ice-creams (that everyone had to blind taste-test), the cheeses and then marshmallows toasted on the firepit. Plus edible pebbles, personalised menus and scratchcards (only James R won!). It was such a lovely evening, celebrating James and Nicky's news they're expecting a baby girl. And then in more good news, Andy and I won Articulate, haha.

Thursday 5 July – Scuplture Gardens for the win

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Finishing off some work, while Sarah and Andy hung out at home in the sunny garden. The weather has been amazing! Sare and I met Pippa at the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, where we had an amazing lunch (I had mussels) then cake and coffee, and then Sare and I wandered around the gardens and sat and chatted until the gardens closed. I love this girl!
In the evening, trying to cram as much into her trip as I can, Andy and I took Sare to Newlyn Cinema bar, to meet Pippa, Bea and Lily, then I swapped Pip and Bea for Ruth, and we went to the Meadery. I bloody love the Meadery, it's hilarious. We walked home, drank some more prosecco and chatted until the early hours.

Wednesday 5 July – Sare's here!

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At work, texting Sarah. She's my good friend from Aus who's coming to visit for a few days, and I can't wait. After work I met her and Andy at home, and then we headed straight to Sennen to make the most of the sun, stopping only to pick up some cheese and wine. Sennen was abit windy, so after our picnic, we went to Porthcurno, which looked amazing. The Pyrahs met us there, and while the boys all played in the sea, we sat on the beach and drank more rose.

Tuesday 4 July – Day two

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, In Workbox. It's a shared working space in Penzance, and after working from home yesterday, I decided to go there today. It's cool, I like it!
In the eve, Andy went to play football with Matt so I took the opportunity to go and have dinner with Matt's wife (who's my friend) Kate (and we ate healthy fish and chips).

Monday 3 July – One year on

Current location: Truro
11.11am, At physio. Today is exactly one year on from rupturing my left ACL. I’m progressing, slowly than I’d like, but definitely improving, and am happy to be seeing a physio again. Today I moved onto hopping up a step (not back down again), which is a nice milestone!

Today I also officially started my new job at Wed magazine. It was working from home, so didn’t really feel like I was starting a new job, but it’s nice to be using my brain again and do some work! In the eve, Andy and I went to see Blaze of Feather at the Guildhall in St Ives. It was a cool gig, and we saw Laura, Dave, Willy and Becky there, then got to hang out with Mig etc after.