Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friday 29 May – Duvets and dinner

Current location: Palmers Green, London
11.11am, Snuggling under a duvet on Potts' couch. Me, her and Will were having a duvet morning, watching Britain's Got Talent, eating sweets and drinking tea. Potts and I managed to move ourselves after lunch, and headed down to Balham to see my sister, Ella and Jake, where we spent the afternoon potato-print painting, baking and walking through 'jungles' (the park). Such a fun afternoon and the kids though Sarah was the queen of potato-printing (she is). 

We got ready in the evening, and went in to Central London for what was supposed to be a uni reunion, but ended up being us girls going out for dinner. Which was really fun and so yummy; we went to Soho Joes and gorged on pizza and wine. Delicioso! We managed a couple more wines in the pub before we all put our sensible-have-to-get-up-early hats on and headed home to bed. 

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