Monday, June 8, 2015

Wednesday 13 May - Copenhagen exploring

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark 
11.11am, Drinking coffee. I know nothing about coffee but, seriously, the coffee here is something else. We were at the Coffee Collective, where our friend Adam works, then went out for a walk through the Botanic Gardens. Copenhagen is such a pretty city! 

We rode to the harbour, which is so colourful, and had a beer and sandwich, then rode out to the restaurant Scott works at, called Amass. Later in the afternoon, we rode to Christiania, which is a bit of a crazy place. It's called a 'free state', and is considered above the law, although I don't think it actually is. There is a lot of drug-dealing that goes on there, with the idea that it's all contained in this one little suburb instead of being spread throughout the city. There are two rules in Christiania: No photos (as drugs are actually still illegal, contrary to popular belief) and no running (as it can cause panic and alarm). Bizarre. It was quite a strange place, but interesting... Andy and I had a little wander then made a hasty retreat back to Scott and Sophia's. 

They were both working in the evening, so Andy and I went to a really fun little bar, then to a recommended pizza place, then for an Irish coffee in another bar. Fun times! 

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