Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday 29 April - Reese's Pieces

Current location: Balham, London
11.11pm, Sleeping! We arrived at London Gatwick airport at about 12.30pm, then made our way to Kate's in Balham, in time to have some lunch with her and Jake. Then we went to pick up Ella from school and the five of us played and ate dinner and waited for Jim to come home. In the evening, as I was battling through jetlag, Kate and I went to the pub to meet my beautiful friends Sarah, Sara, Emily and Catdog. They came to meet me for a drink in Balham the day I came back from Oz last time too, and I'm so glad trey do because I couldn't have lasted a minute longer without seeing their smiley faces!! Then jetlag got me and I was snoozing by 9.30pm! 

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