Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday 25 April – ANZAC Day

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, In work. Today is a public holiday, as it's ANZAC Day, but we had to come in and get some work done after a few short weeks. Everyone was quite quiet in work, but we got to go early, so I went to Kara's house. Even though she wasn't there, she had done something awesome and recorded the Swifts v Steel netball match (it's on Foxtel, which I don't have), so I spent a couple of hours cheering on my team! Rianne came and joined, and then we went to meet Kara, Phil, Andy and a few others, who were at the Courthouse Hotel playing 2-up.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday 27 April – My Sunday

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Replying to emails. Even though I didn't have much planned for this Sunday, the day always seems to go so fast. Today I managed emailing, present-buying, TV, watching netball, baking, visiting a friend, exercising and then a good amount of sleeping!

Saturday 26 April – Day of fun!

Current location: Newtown
11.11pm, On our way back home from a David O'Doherty comedy gig. It was the last event of a VERY fun and action-packed day – the autumn edition of a Day Of Fun for Andy and me. It started with Andy and I cycling to Circular Quay and we went through Darling Harbour, which I haven't really explored much of yet, so was nice to see a bit of the city I'm not used to.

We got the ferry over to Manly, then hopped on a little boat to go parasailing. Neither of us had ever done it before and I was so excited and only a teeeeeny bit scared! We went so so high, and the views were awesome. They swung us back down and dunked us in the sea, before sending us back up high again. I bloody loved it and we were laughing the whole time!

When we got back to dry land, we went for a bit of a walk and then to the Bavarian Beer Cafe for a light lunch and a beer. I feel like I'm on holiday! It was so nice just to get a day together, because we are both pretty busy over here so don't get to spend much quality time together.

After we got the boat back over to Sydney, we went for another explore to the Lord Nelson brewery, had a cider and watch an amazing sunset, before pedalling back towards Newtown and popping into Nothing to See Here. For dinner, we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Cheeky Czech, which was as delicious and fun as predicted. The people in there are so gorgeous and friendly, and I haven't eaten anything other than amazingness in there yet!

Our final stop of Day of Fun was the Enmore Theatre, where we were joined by 1,300 other people watching David O'Doherty. I'd only seen him before on shows such as Mock the Week, but his stand-up was amazing, helped along by random little songs he played on his keyboard. Such a random, bizarre, hilarious man, and such an INCREDIBLE day!!!!

Thursday 24 April – Embracing the proactivity!

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Subbing, subbing, subbing. It's press day, and the second of two four-day weeks in a row, so we are busyyyyyy! It's fun though, I love the buzz!
When I got home, I was still in a productiv mood, so decided to do some cleaning and make a cottage pie. Yum!

Sunday 20 April – Easter down the coast

Current location: Kioloa
11.11am. On the beach, surprisingly. Today we were leaving Kioloa to go our separate ways (Bree and Carlie back to Sydney, the rest of us an hour further down the coast to visit our friends Jase and Gen). When we arrived at Gen's family farm, my mind was blown. It was massive, and so beautiful, and right by the beach – and full of kangaroos! My heaven!
There were heaps of visitors that weekend, so we joined them all and then had a huge bonfire in the evening, complete with marshmallows of course. Amazing times with amazing people. Happy Easter!

Saturday 19 April – More beach times

Current location: Kioloa, NSW
11.11am, On the beach, again. The weather has been gorgeous so we've been making the most of it by lying on the beach. Not to be lazy, in the afternoon we moved off the hang out by the pool (I even did three lengths, so that's got to count as exercise?!) and then a spot of tennis. I love holidays!
By the late afternoon, our friend Charlie and Sydney, who are road-tripping from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, turned up, so we had another fab evening of eating, drinking and more games.

Friday 18 April – Easter holidays in ful swing!

Current location: Kioloa, NSW
11.11am, On the beach! This morning, after getting up at 3.20am to drive down the coast, Nick, Bree and I arrived at about 6.30am. I wasn't really tired so, while the other happy campers (Andy, Dave, Val and Carlie) were still asleep, and Nick and Bree decided to have a nap, I took Dana the dog for a walk. We walked to the beach, had a swim (I didn't bring my bikini but as there was no-one else on the beach, I went for a nudie swim!) then I read my book and went back to see who was awake. No-one. So back out I went to read my book on the beautiful beach and get a coffee and before too long, everyone else woke up and we had yummy egg and bacon rolls. Most of the afternoon was spent on the beach or watching the boys surf, then we had a big cook-up at the campsite and sat around playing games and drinking wine. Yay I love camping!

Thursday 17 April – Early start

Current location: Paddington
11.11pm, Fast asleep. Bree, Nick and I are getting up at 3.20am tomorrow to drive down south to Kioloa for our the Easter hols (Andy, Dave, Val and Carlie went down today), so after meeting my lovely friend Mel for dinner, I went back to Nick and Bree's for a very early-nigh sleepover!

Tuesday 15 April – Raining and raining

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Checking the weather. We have netball tonight but, as we play outside, the games run the risk of being rained off. Today is forecast rain but it held off most of the day... Until about 10 minutes before the end of work, when they decided to call the games off. Shame, but at least the rest of the week will be sunny!

Sunday 13 April – A Swift, sleepy Sunday

Current location: Somewhere near Olympic Park
11.11am, On a train, on my way to watch a Swifts match. They played so well, and were winning for most of the match, but let it all go in the last quarter, ending up losing by five goals. The less said about that, the better. In the afternoon, I went home, did a few jobs and read my book, then went out for a massage that I'd booked a while ago. Sunday night massages might just be the best way to end the week! Feeling relaxed and happy, Andy and I went out for dinner (restarting the tradition we had in London of Date-Night-Sundays) at Beach Burrito in Newtown.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saturday 12 April – Crazy waves

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11pm, Playing Trivial Pursuit. Some of Andy's relatives had come to visit (after driving up from Melbourne in their camper van), so we'd had a lovely day of not very much (I even managed to squeeze in a nap on the sofa in between walks with the dog). In the late afternoon, the boys decided to go down to Pearl Beach for a surf, as the waves were massive, but when we got down there, it was totally unsurfable – but verrrrry massive. I couldn't even manage a swim, I was too scared, but the boys plunged straight in, and somehow made it out alive! Starting to feel like Autumn now, with the dark evenings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friday 11 April - Happy birthday beautiful Vinny

Current location: Somewhere on the Central Coast
11.11pm, In the car. I was on my way up the Central Coast for the weekend, and the reason it was so late was because we had a night out with work tonight. It was awesome fun, and very boozy, and I raised a drink to my gorgeous, eldest nephew Vinny, who turns seven today!

Vinny is the most gorgeous, fun, cheeky, charming, friendly and bubbly little boy. He was my first nephew to be born, when I became an auntie at the age of 21, and I absolutely love him to pieces. He makes me so proud to be an auntie (as do all my beautiful nieces and nephews), and I'm loving seeing him growing up to become such a beautiful boy. 

Tuesday 8 April - Not a lot

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Working. This week has been a bit of a mad busy one, but we've all just kept plugging on. Gotta love a busy life of celeb goss!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday 6 April – A proper Sunday

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Watching TV. I've been so tired this week, thanks to not sleeping very well, so I have tried to make minimal plans for this weekend, especially today. Plans of lots of sleeping were even helped by the fact the clocks went back last night. However, I woke up at 6.30am (which never happens!), couldn't get back to sleep, so spent the morning doing a few boring life admin chores. Which meant by 10am, I was ready to go back to bed with my book and laptop to do some reading and TV watching.

Saturday 5 April – Sport, swim, snooze

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Trying to convince Andy to drive me to netball in Bondi. After Ironman March I've been super lazy, and just couldn't be bothered with the 10km ride there and back. Luckily, he relented, so I got to netball feeling fresh and energetic and excited! It was a super fun game (even though I played GS!) and then Rianne, Karlie, Andy and I went down to North Bondi for a swim. There was a possible shark sighting down there, so there weren't too many people in the sea, even though it was a gorgeous sunny day. We managed a quick cooldown before getting a bit too scared and coming out the water, although I'm pretty sure it turned out there was no shark.
Afterwards, we went for lunch at the Beach Burrito Co, which was deeeeelish, then I came home, had a nap, then met everyone at the Rocks Brewery in Alexandria.

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Wednesday 2 April – Carry on the the Carrington

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Making plans for this evening to meet at the Carrington. Tomorrow lovely Jess goes back to UK for a month so a few of us were meeting this evening for dinner and drinks to say ta-ra. I got there, couldn't find anyone, got a glass of wine, sat down... And realised I was in the Forresters, not the Carrington. What a doofus!

After downing the wine in a not-at-all-respectable amount of time, I carried on to the Carrington and met everyone there, ate yummy dinner, squeezed Jessie and rode home.

Tuesday 1 April – Not an April Fool

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Being scared. Carrie is being released soon on DVD so we had a visit from a pretty scary Carrie-a-like. Love it when we get random people in the office.