Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Saturday 28 October – Spooooooky soiree

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Having a little party! We were having a party as a housewarming/my birthday/Halloween celebration, and it was just fab. Our friends dressed up, we shared spooky ghost stories and lots of gins, and ate spooky snacks I made (including eyeball jelly and spider pizzas). Such a lovely night, makes me feel very warm inside!

Thursday 26 October – Amazing scary date night

Current location: The A30
11.11pm, Driving back from an amazing night. Andy took me to see Jigsaw (the new Saw film) in Redruth, and the cinema there was fab. They take your order and bring you drinks to your seat (which was a sofa)! I loved it; the film was kinda scary but not as much as the others I thought, but I still loved it. Then we went to a gorgeous pub in Ponsanoth, ate amazing Indian food and played Trivial Pursuit (I let Andy win, convincingly). Ahhhh such a fab night.

Wednesday 25 October – A Pyrah picnic

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At work, but planning the evening. Andy and I had a walk from Nanquidno to Gwenver and back again, then the Pyrah fam came to meet us as Nanquidno for a picnic of cider and muffins.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Monday 23 October – Some little visitors

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Making plans with Pip for her kids to come over later. We ate hotdogs and played with scrabble letters making words like sat and cat (Bea) and bum and lol (Zac).

Sunday 22 October – A whole lot of not a lot

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Having brunch with Ruth, Nicky, James, Eve and Ruan. I'd had a lie-in, then went to get some brekky bits, before the others came round. We had a nice chilled couple of hours, then had a walk up through town, which involved meeting an old man named Roger who lives nearby and wanted to talk to us about history (he was an old historian). So we had a chat with him, ended up going to his house to look at some of his books and drawings and a letter from Winston Churchill, then we left and had a little mosey. We were all in pretty Sunday moods, so the boys went to watch the football in the pub, and we came back to ours and drank tea and ate biscuits and played with Ruan. In the eve, Andy and I went for dinner at Mum and Dad's then had an early night. Not too wild on a Sunday!

Saturday 21 October – Nicky's baby shower

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At Lidl. I was buying some bits for Nicky's baby shower, which was tropical-themed (I went with Hawaiian pizzas). We had the loveliest time, eating a feast of tropical food, playing some games, and showering Nicky with all the love. I'd also been for a run with Pip in the morning, and it was windy and fresh and just so good for the soul.
In the eve I went round to Ruth's with Eve, Ruth, James and Nicky, and we watched some TV and snuggled in and just had a lovely chilled evening.

Friday 20 October – The babysitter's drunk

Current location: Chyenhal
11.11pm, At Ruth's I was supposed to be babysitting for Ruan while Ruth and James went out with Laura and Dave but then Ruth felt guilty that I'd miss out, so invited us all round to theirs instead. We ate pizza and drank wine and ate popcorn and were supposed to watch a film, but we were having too much fun chatting instead. A really good, fun night. Sadly Andy was working so he missed out but he very helpfully came to pick me up. I also acted like a 16-year-old and got my dad to drop me there so I didn't have to take the car (and because I'd had a couple of post-work beers with some of the Workbox men). Thanks Dad and Andy!