Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday 11 May – Eating our way around Cornwall

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Having coffee with Kate and Lily at the Front Room. At lunchtime, I went to Mac and Sal’s with the Lawrences, where we ate delicious food and drank yummy wine. Then we went for a coffee and a walk at Rockpool with Ruth and Ruan, before I went to opening drinks at the new Workbox. Then up to the Tennis Club for Dave and Andy to play (and Val and I to drink wine), then to the Turk’s Head for fish and chips with the family! Busy, yummy day. 

Monday 7 May – The day after the day after

Current location: Kitzbuehel
11.11am, Helping my friend Josi strip beds at the hotel (we decided to call ourselves the Unfriendly Cleaners if we ever go into business). Most other people left today (including Nick and Bree) so after finishing up at the hotel we went over to the venue to help today up, and then went for a swim at the Schwarzsee with Dave and Val. In the eve, the four of us ate zucchini pasta at home and chilled out with a bottle of red. 

Sunday 6 May – The hills are alive!

Current location: Current location: Kitzbuehel
11.11am, Awake but not really doing a lot. I didn’t go to sleep until about 4am, and Andy didn’t get home until 7am, so it was a lazy morning at our hotel! I wasn’t feeling too bad, and it was a beautiful sunny day, so I went on a hike with Eva and Inge (Anita’s sisters who I got on very well with) and saw even more of incredible Kitz. I love this little town so much, there’s something magic about it. In the late afternoon, everyone met at the hotel (the Goldener Greif, our friend’s hotel that he had VERY Kindly opened for us out of season) where we ate a lot of pizza and drank a lot of beer and made another party!

Saturday 5 May – Anita marries Mellis!

Current location: Kitzbuehel
11.11am, In town, getting things sorted for the wedding. Bree and I started the day with a run to the Schwarzsee and a swim in the water. It is seriously stunning here!!! Almost unbelievably so.
We headed back into town to do a few last-minute jobs for the wedding (including get some helium balloons blown up, which we failed at) and then it was time for a quick nap and to start getting ready. 
Bree had bought me an amazing Gorman dress for the occasion (what a kind sis-in-law I have!) and Andy and I got scrubbed up and went downstairs to get on the coaches to the barn venue. As we approached the venue, we were all pretty blown away (not least because the coach almost fell on its side getting up the mountain track!). It was literally a beautiful barn on a mountainside with the most stunning views I think I’ve ever seen. Remarkable. They’d decorated it so nicely and we all milled around and went inside, waiting for the bride to arrive. The sun was shining and everyone was just so happy!
She arrived…. Speeding into the barn in a vintage Mini! It was so funny and so cool. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, in both German and English, and had everyone both laughing and crying. They’re such a beautiful couple. After they were pronounced husband and wife, we all spilled back out into the sunshine for beers and champagne, and gorgeous photos with a ridiculous backdrop. 
As the afternoon drew to a close, we got the bus back down the mountain to a gorgeous little restaurant, with spectacular views of the Wilderkaise mountain.  
The next few hours saw us eating phenomenal food, chatting to the bunch of bloody legends on our table and creating new games such as ‘Eat it or put it on your head’ (the clue to the rules is in the name). The speeches had us all laughing (even the best men’s, which went on for 20 minutes and thankfully couldn’t be translated into German) and then the dancing (and more eating) began. It was just the happiest, funnest wedding full of delish food, hilarious people and never-ending drinks. 

Bree and I lasted until about 3am, then I left Andy to it (he was about to start DJing I think) and we got a cab home with a few other friends, singing our fave pop songs all the way at the top of our voices. We even got the cab driver to go the long way around because we were all having too much fun to get out.