Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tuesday 6 February – City Girls in the city

Current location: Balham
11.11am, Working from Kate's house. I met my lovely friend Rianne for lunch (fish finger sandwiches yum) and then worked from Pret for the afternoon, before meeting my lovely friend Rhian for a post-work coffee. Both of those girls are lawyers who I met playing netball; they have the same name (kind of), same job, work one street away from each other and play the same sports, and I love them both. I should maybe introduce them but I feel like the world might explode if I did.
After hanging with Rhian, I went on a big walk through the city (and through the freezing cold) to meet the City Girls (so called because I met them while I was doing my Master's at City Uni) in Liverpool St. We had such a nice dinner, a lot of great conversation and generally a good-for-the-soul hang. So much love for them.

Monday 5 February – It's snowing!

Current location: Balham
11.11am, Working from home (Kate's house). Afterwards, we picked the kids up from school and took them swimming, then had tea with them and put them to bed, while Kate and Jim went out for a drink. It was so much fun and the kids were so good! Also, it snowed a tiny bit today, which was mega exciting (and so cold).

Sunday 4 February – Shopping and galleries and walking and meeting

Current location: Clapham Junction
11.11am, Shoe-shopping with Jim, Ella and Jake. Jim was quite hungover (thanks to Andy's secret party last night) so we had a funny morning with the kids, then a McDonald's hangover lunch (win). I went to meet Andy and Kes and his gorgeous son Oskar in Hyde Park and Andy was pretty much dying of a hangover. We went to the Serpentine Gallery, and then Andy and I had a meeting with a lovely couple for South Weds, by which time Andy had eventually perked up and fell much better!
The evening brought an amazing roast dinner back at Kate and Jim's house.

Saturday 3 February #fortyisyourforte

Current location: Balham
11.11am, Swimming with Ella and Jake. We stayed at the Rees' household last night, and spent the morning hanging out with my lovely niece and nephew (and sis and bro-in-law). We went swimming, and then for a babycino and lunch and lots of fun.

In the afternoon, I surprised Andy with tickets to watch Arsenal. He's a die-hard fan, and as it's his 40th birthday in a couple of weeks I thought it'd be ace to go along to a game. We watched Arsenal totally thrash Everton 5-1, and it was a bloody great game to be there for! Afterwards I pretended we were going to meet Jack for a drink in a pub but when we got there, most of his boys from his stag do were there waiting to surprise him. I stayed for a drink or two, then left him to it (apparently the quiet drinks went on until 4.30am). Happy early surprise birthday my love!

Friday 2 February – Straight to Friday night drinks

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Getting my eyelashes and nails done, ready for our holiday. In the afternoon, Andy and I caught the train to London, and I went straight to Waterloo to meet my lovely uni girls and have drinks and dinner with them. Such incredible women, my heart fills every time I see them.

Also - I lasted for all of Dry January! The wine tasted soooo good tonight!

Thursday 1 February – New hair

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Working, at home. Ruth and Ruan popped around to say bye as tomorrow we head off to London, and then Australia, for a month! I met my boss Rebecca in the afternoon, then went for a haircut, and then to Mum and Dad's for dinner!

Sunday 28 January – Walks with mama

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At home, watching netball. In the afternoon I went to Perranuthnoe with Mum for a lovely, muddy, windy, gorgeous walk.