Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday 15 July – Paignton the town red

Current location: A train
11.11am, On my way to Paignton with Kate. We are having a Higgins weekend (well, night), with no husbands or kids, and we all met in Paignton in the afternoon and then went for a walk, to the pier, to have an ice cream, then to Torquay. Us daughters then had a cocktail and headed back into town to get ready for dinner. The six of us went out for a scrum dinner; the food was so good, then ended up back at our B&B drinking hot chocolate on our bed and going to bed by midnight. I love our family, and I have loved today and all the chats, laughter and fun that went with it.

Friday 14 July – My uni girls

Current location: London
11.11am, Going to see Maden again. It was lovely to see her, each day she's a teen bit brighter and more like herself, but it is hard seeing her in so much pain. I can't imagine how she's feeling. I had lunch with Kate and Jake and Andy, and went to Jake's nursery afternoon on the common, then headed back to see Sara. After seeing a lot of her in the past couple of days, it'll be funny not to be around her when we head off tomorrow.
In the evening I went to meet Catdog for a wine in Farringdon, and ended up in the sunshine, drinking rose, having more than a few wines, a burger, and then trying to have a chat in the middle of a noisy bar/club. Oh how I love you Catdog!

Wednesday 12 July – London calling

Current location: Greater London
11.11pm, Driving to London. My beautiful friend Sara has had a horrible accident (well, not an accident; two horrible men pushed her off her motorbike while she was driving it and she's pretty injured) so after work today, I have come up to see her (in the car with Nick and Andy).

Thursday 13 July – Lots of chats

Current location: London
11.11am, On my way to the hospital to visit beautiful Sara. It was intense, seeing my good friend in so much pain, but I am so proud of her. I also went to visit my old tutor, who I adore, and we had a coffee out in the sunshine and caught up on the past 10 years since I finished my Master's. Then back to see Maden, then I met Emily and stayed at hers. All over London, all the chats.

Thursday 20 July – Pastries and pals

Current location: Chyenhal
11.11am, At Ruth's house, drinking coffee and eating pastries in her garden with her and Eve. We had a nice catch-up (I haven't seen Eve for a long time!) then went to meet Pippa for a pop into town, then  did a bit of work, and then back to Ruth's for dinner and TV (and Ruan cuddles)!

Wednesday 19 July – Aquathon (heavy on the aqua)

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At work. It was raining raining raining all day, and by the evening, Andy had committed to the Aquathon but it was still tipping it down! Mum, Dad and I went to cheer on a very soggy but still smiling Andy, who beat his time by 30 seconds from the last Aquathon a month ago!

Monday 17 July – Starting with a swim

Current location: Brixham
11.11am, Doing my work. I was working from home today, and I started my day with a sea swim with Emma (it was pretty grey but so invigorating!) and then she went off to Activities Week, and I stayed at the house with Brodie, and Emma's parents. After I had finished my work for the day, Andy arrived and we were meant to drive back to Cornwall. Instead, Andy played football with Brodie, then Andy and I decided to eat at Rockfish (and saw another seal!), which was a really good decision. Then we went for a walk, which was a bad decision because it was pretty dark, but still pretty. I love this part of the coast!