Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday 27 April - How many homes is too many?

Current location: Angel, London
11.11pm, Packing up some of my stuff in preparation for moving to Lewisham. Andy arrives tomorrow (yippee!) and so I am leaving the fold to go down south and explore another part of London. I am sad to leave the home I shared with three of my best friends, but I'm looking forward to making another home... Even if it is my seventh in a year!!

Tuesday 26 April - Foxy friends

Current location: Walking from the tube station, London
11.11pm, On my way back home after meeting up with Sara, Sarah and Emily in Brixton. The initial plan was to meet for an after-work picnic and make the most of all the amazing weather we've had recently, but we sacked it off in the end, in favour of the pub. They're amazing girls and I love being part of such a solid group of friends...Now in our seventh year of friendship! And on the way home, I saw a fox. So that was nice.

Monday 25 April - Cove of loveliness

Current location: Kynance Cove, Cornwall
11.11am, At the beach again! There's a cove called Kynance around 40 minutes from where we live and it's considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.
The walk down the cliffs was definitely stunning, and waiting on the beach for us was my amazing nephews and sister. I've had such a fun Easter weekend, combining my two favourite friends: the beach and my family. I'm heading back to London feeling all rejuvenated and excited for the adventure of full-time work, a new home and Andy joining me.
For more about the beach and our day, check out my sister's blog.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday 24 April - The happiest of Easters!

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, Eating crisps! I gave them up for Lent (46 long, crisp-free days!) and it has been haaaaard. I know they're not good for me and I know I shouldn't eat so many of them, but they're my ultimate go-to food. Hungover, travelling, at work...they just seem to fit every occasion! Anyway, I celebrated my awesomeness at giving them up for so long by eating Pringles for breakfast.

What a lovely Easter it's been...The sun was shining and it was so hot, so we all headed to my favourite place in the whole world – Sennen beach. I love love LOVE it there, and being there with my parents, sisters (two out of three) and nephews was even better. Happy Easter everyone! x

Saturday 23 April - Budding photographers?

Current location: Hayle, Cornwall
11.11am, In Marks & Spencer in Hayle with Pip, Vinny and Zac. They've JUST (yesterday) moved house and so we we had a busy day of buying new things for their home (curtain rails, laundry bins and bathmats, to be exact) and trying to unpack stuff. Part of the day involved Pip locking me and the boys in the car while she went to B&Q, so we kept ourselves entertained with my camera.

Pictures © Vinny and Zac Pyrah, aged 4 and 2.

Friday 22 April - Journey south

Current location: Somewhere in Somerset, or Devon... Or maybe Cornwall
11.11am, On the train. I was going back home for the Easter weekend and the train was PACKED. Tiny train, bank holiday weekend, about 10 million people, and not enough room. Luckily I got a seat, but it wasn't half as nice as my journey down last weekend! I tried to take some pictures of people sitting in the aisles, but my attempted sneakiness actually just translates into rubbish photo-taking.

Thursday 21 April - Sleeping soundly

Current location: London
11.11pm, Sleeping! I have to get up at 5am to get my train from Paddington tomorrow morning so I went to bed early. It's been a hectic, fun, full-on week at more! (albeit a short week!) and I'm pretty tired out and looking forward to a bit of chilled-out time in Cornwall.

(Sleeping pic taken from Galeria de rosiehardy on Weheart it)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday 20 April - Princess from Pakistan

Current location: London
11.11am, Texting my friend Saman to arrange meeting up this evening at Hummingbird Bakery.
Here's some things to know about Saman:
She's a high-flying finance worker...can't/doesn't addicted to Starbucks (caramel macchiatos, to be exact)...loves from Pakistan (though everyone thinks she's from Malaysia)...lives in Karachi...invites people to the wedding she's planning with a man she hasn't yet met...has an amazing visiting family in London...loves cake...was my housemate in London three years ago...laughs all the headstrong and independent... She's beautiful and I love her.

Tuesday 19 April - Reliving the uni days

Current location: London
11.11pm, At a gig on New Oxford Street. The band was Channel Cairo and two of the band members, Josh and Hamish, are two of my closest friends from uni. We lived together in the first year and then spent a lot of the following two years together. They are awesome boys and it was so good to see them again after a long period of not being in touch much. Hopefully I'll see more of them now we're all in London.
But the most awesome thing is HOW GOOD their band was. I'm not much of a music reviewer, but I recommend you go and see them if you can. They've just signed a record deal to release one of their songs, Elephants, and I can't wait to see how it does.
It was an excellent eve; before the gig, Emma, Sara, Catdog and I went for dinner and cocktails. Best friends, old friends and live music: not bad for a Tuesday night.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday 18 April - Smart girls get more!

Current location: Covent Garden, London
11.11am, At the offices of more! magazine, where I am doing some freelance work for the next three weeks. The people I met were lovely and the work was fun... Today my day was taken up with blusher, celeb weddings and silly things boys say. Excellent.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday 17 April - Beached as

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, On our way to the beach before I head back up to London this afternoon. Mum, Kate, Pip and I were a bit hungover after one too many bottles of wine last night (above), but the sunshine and the children soon blew the cobwebs away and we had a dreamy time playing in the sand and the sea. I love Cornwall!

Saturday 16 April - Auntie/sister/daughter/friend

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, In the park with my two beautiful nephews, my gorgeous niece, my amazing mum and dad, my awesome sisters and one of my best friends. Spending time playing and laughing with Zac, Vinny and Ella is one of the best things in my life.

Friday 15 April - Oh, the train times

Current location: Somewhere in Devon...or Cornwall
11.11pm, On a train on the way home for the weekend. I love the atmosphere of the train on Friday nights, as everyone is relaxing and looking forward to the weekend...even if it is a five-hour journey. It was a beautiful sunny evening and I kept myself entertained with sushi, gin in a can and Grey's Anatomy. Perfect.

Thursday 14 April - Oh Comely

Current location: London
11.11pm, Packing to go home tomorrow for the weekend. I'd had a fun night going to a features chat for a sweet magazine called Oh Comely with Nicky, where we gorged on beer and chocolate, and the ideas flowed freely. Then we walked home and made delish fishcakes before curling up on the sofa and watching America's Next Top Model. Good life.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday 13 April - Home comforts

Current location: Balham, London
11.11pm, Watching a film on my sister's sofa, with her, a blanket, a cup of tea and some sweets. Perfect girls' night, with a deviation from wine (had too much recently) and crisps (given them up for Lent).
This is one of my favourite pictures of my sister; it was taken literally minutes before she got married three years ago and she looks so beautiful and excited. Go Kate!

Tuesday 12 April - Bikes, beer and bessies

Current location: Angel, London
11.11pm, In Pitcher and Piano in Angel having a free cocktail. I'd been for an impromptu Pizza Express dinner (yes, pizza again) with Ruth, Jack and two other friends, Tim and Evan, and we ended up running around Angel looking for any pub that had drinks offers. Free drinks were a pretty good result. It had been a weirdly spontaneous but excellent night – dancing to Hanson (always a win), a pretend birthday and a cycle ride where we got chased by a child bike gang. And, on the subject of bikes, I sold my lovely Rapid Reactor today, in preparation for moving house daaaaan saaaaf. See ya later RR, thanks for all the rides. x

Monday 11 April - Pizza the action

Current location: Northen line, northbound, London
11.11pm, On the tube, on the way home from Audrey Ward's house. We'd been for dinner and, as it was her first night in the flat, we ate from paper plates and used napkins as bowls. Drinking wine out of plastic cups made me feel like a student again, and it was so lovely and so much fun.

(Pic taken from Party Kiosk - it's a paper plate that looks like a pizza! Weird huh, guess it cuts out the middle man though!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday 10 April - Park life

Current location: Newington Green, London
11.11am, Cycling to Newington Green for brunch in the sunshine. We've been so lucky with the beautiful weather recently, and we've been really making the most of it. After brunch (huge and delicious), we went to Clissold Park in Stoke Newington and read magazines in the sunshine. I have totally and absolutely loved this weekend.

Saturday 9 April - Sunny sunny sunny

Current location: Finsbury Park, London
11.11pm, At Sarah and Catdog's house, drinking mojitos. I'd had an amazing day in Finsbury Park soaking up the sunshine with those two, Sara and of my favourite days of London so far. Love you girls.

Friday 8 April - Friday night work friends

Current location: Soho, London
11.11pm, In the Star & Garter pub in Soho with my workmates. It was Lindsay's leaving do so we used it as an opportunity for too many drinks and lots of funny conversations. Ace night, ace people.