Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tuesday 12 May – To Copenhagen!

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark
11.11am, On a train on the way into the city. While in the Northern Hemisphere, Andy and I decided to pop to Copenhagen for a few days to see our friends Scott and Sophia. When we got into the city, we met Sophia and went to a really cute place for lunch. The afternoon brought some adventuring on our bikes, where we went to see a beautiful cemetery (more like a park) in the middle of the city, where Hans Christian Andersen is buried, The Little Mermaid (the statue, not the movie) and the palace, had some very swanky coffee (they take coffee very seriously in Copenhagen), and then went for dinner at a restaurant called Manfred's.

The food culture in Copenhagen in amazing; it's a city very into good food and especially locally sourced ingredients, and as Sophia works at Noma and is a devout foodie, she did all our ordering for us! And it was divine! Adam (an Aussie friend we know from Austria) and his girlfriend Rikke also joined us, then we went for a beer after. Great first day here!

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