Monday, June 20, 2016

Thursday 9 June – Semi-finals

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Thinking about netball. I don’t know if I actually was, right at that moment, thinking about netball, but considering how much it crosses my mind, it’s pretty likely! Last Saturday was National Netball Day, and so it made me think about how many teams I've played for:

-Shooter McGavins
-District 13
-Hot Fudge Sundaes
-Cardiff 5ths
-Blackheath Wanderers
-We Are United

And maybe one or two I've forgotten! It's fair to say I absolutely love this sport, and it has brought me so many very special friends. I hope I am always #Hereifyouneed

Tonight we (Brooklyn, pictured above in black and white) played a very hard semi-final against a team who hasn't lost a game yet, in the entire time they've been playing this comp (not just this season). We played out of our skins, and beat them by 5 goals, taking us into the finals next week! Proud doesn't even come close. 

Sunday 5 June – Chicken out

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Planning dinner. Every single one of mine and Andy's plans got cancelled today due to the crazy weather, so we stayed in and I made my first ever roast dinner all on my own. It was yummy.  

Saturday 4 June – Windy, wet and wild

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11am, Being indoors. It is a crazy day out there, stormy and windy, and perfect for staying in. Sadly, Andy and I aren't the best at staying indoors for too long, and before long got a bit of cabin fever. Only one way to cure it: go out for a blustery walk!
We ended up at our friend Grant's gallery, then went for a glass of wine in Terrigal. Sufficiently windswept, we went home to stay indoors for the rest of the night.

Friday 3 June – Coastie couple

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11pm, Watching the end of Harry Potter. Andy and I decided to go coastal this weekend, so we headed up to Ettalong after work, and went for a cheeky cocktail. It was awful, rainy, stormy weather outside, so we made a big spag bol and curled up with a bottle of red wine. And colour-coordinated our outfits, accidentally. 

Tuesday 31 May - Impromptu girls night

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Looking out the window at the rain. I was meant to have netball tonight but was pretty sure it was going to be cancelled, so I organised dinner with Bree instead. By about 5pm, netball was indeed cancelled, and Rochy, Sha and Chrissy B were all signed up for dinner too. Love an impromptu Thai and wine night!

Monday 30 May – Getting baked

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Eating baked goods. We had 'Australia's Biggest Morning Tea' this morning, and I made a spiced zucchini loaf, from this week's issue of New Idea. I'm a rubbish baker so this was quite an achievement.