Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday 12 July – The countdown begins

Current location: Wynyard

11.11am, At the hairdressers. Countdown has begun for the UK, where I fly to on Wednesday, so this weekend so far I have had a facial, massage, haircut, gym class and started packing. Not long to go now!

All preened and pampered, I came home and hung out with Andy, then some good friends of ours came up from Wollongong to visit, and the four of us grabbed some dinner before going back to Andy's exhibition.

Wednesday 9 July – Best poster ever!

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Getting my desk decorated. Our editor Fran's lovely daughter Ruby was in the office today, and she is quite the netball fan, as am I! So we talked about the beautiful game for a while, then Ruby made me this awesome poster to keep my desk looking fun and netbally... Thanks Ruby, I love it!

Tuesday 8 July – We All Become Silhouettes

Current location: Surry Hills
11.11pm, Cycling home from Blacklisted Gallery, in the Black Penny. Tonight was the opening night of Andy's first exhibition: We All Become Silhouettes. It showed 20 beautiful photos taken by my uber-talented photographer boyfriend, and so many friends and family came out to help him celebrate. It was such a fun night (started off with a win at netball!) and I was so proud. Well done Andy – and Sydney people, get down to Black Penny before Tuesday to check it out and buy a print! 

Sunday 6 July – Bloggin' not joggin'

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Lying in bed, blogging and catching up on emails etc. It's been a busy few weeks so it's nice to have a bit of time to regroup and sort myself out. Especially as I'm going home in a couple of weeks for a holiday. Can't wait!!!
It was another beautiful day (Sydney winter is spoiling us) an I was supposed to go for a jog, but I didn't really get to enjoy the sun/run as I cleaned the bathroom, and tried to sort out some clothes instead. Then luckily some friends came over in the afternoon to distract me.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday 5 July – Newtown loving

Current location: Newtown
11.11am, On our way to Brewtown Newtown, for what was about to be one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten. A few of our friends have recommended Brewtown Newtown but we'd never quite made it so this morning, after an early F45 exercise class, I had a quite nap and then we started our day again with a little ride up the road. The queue at BN was pretty big but went fast enough, and we were happy to wait in the sunshine. When we got in, I had a brekky that consisted of Canadian bacon, boiled egg, hash brown balls (can't describe them, best things ever) and the most yummy sausage I have ever eaten. Which says a lot coming from someone whose favourite food is sausage. Seriously next level.
We had a bit of an organisey/getting stuff done day ahead, so when we were powered up by our tasty brunch, we headed off to the shops/various other life-admin places.
By the evening, we were ready for some more fun, so we headed back to Newtown with lots of our lovely friends to visit The Union pub. I hadn't been before, but it won 'Best pub' in the this year's Time Out awards, and it was just a cool, traditional pub with no bells and whistles but lots of character. Such a good vibe and a great group of people.

Friday 4 July – Independence Day

Current location: Erskineville
11.11pm, On bikes. We were on the way home from a new bar called Brookyln Social (American, topical for the day!), where we'd drunk Brooklyn lager and eaten burgers. It was a cool place but too busy for them to manage so was all quite haphazard and slow. Cool place though, and always love embracing that Friday feeling!

Wednesday 2 July – Walking in a winter wonderland

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Saying yes. Then no. Then yes. Then no. Tonight my friend Yeezy was going to a 'Winter Wonderland' press event on the sixth floor of Westfield, to which I was invited, and I just couldn't decide whether to go or not. I was keen, but I was tired, then I was keen, then I was tired. Eventually, I stopped being an old lady, and just decided to go out and have fun... and it was so fun! Yeezy and I took full advantage of the free canapes and drinks, and had a really good catch-up on everything. It didn't feel that wintery, as it's still so sunny here at the moment, but it definitely felt like a wonderland (thanks to the ice sculptures!).

Picture taken from SydneySocial101

Monday 30 June – New shoes!

Current location: Eveleigh, Sydney
11.11am, Admiring my new shoes!

Sunday 29 June – Pack of picnickers

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Making plans for the afternoon. Jess has a new bike, so we made a plan to go for a ride and enjoy the sunshine in the park. A few more friends decided to join until we ended up having a bike gang of about 10. We had a yummy picnic, played some games in the park and then, when it got too cold, went back to Jess' for lasagne and chocolate torte. Lovely day with my Aussie family.

(Excuse the terrible photos!)

Saturday 28 June – Sydney does Britain

Current location: Rozelle
11.11pm, Eating Tunnock's Tea Cakes and laughing. A lot. We were at a dinner party at Andy's friend's house, Katie Quinn Davies, who is a food blogger (What Katie Ate), cook extraordinaire, photographer, stylist, and all-round excellent party host! The theme was British, and she was making things from Heston Blumenthal's new Coles range, which, to my delight, included sausages. They were so yummy, and the mash and peas she made to go with them were amazing! We also had British drinks (from Pimms to Newcastle Brown Ale!), British sweet treats (tea cakes and Caramel Wafers), British decor – and a lot of British people (outweighing Aussies 7-3). It was black tie, too, so Andy and I got our glad rags on, and had the loveliest evening, eating well, drinking lots and meeting fab people.