Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday 18 November - Coffee with girls, beach with boys

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Having coffee with Kate, Lily and Hannah, my bessies from school (though we were also missing Emma). A Christmas coffee (salted caramel latte) and a chat with my girls, life is good. Hannah is about to pop with baby number two, and she must be the most glamorous mamma ever. Hot stuff.

After coffee, I went to my favourite place in the whole world, Sennen beach, with Mum, Pip and my nephews. We played on the sand a bit, then Zac (aged 3) and I braved the sea. It was wicked, great waves, pretty chilly and lots of fun. We took the bodyboard in and Zac soon decided the best idea would be to ride on my back as we caught the waves in; he's awesome. But then we got freezing and had to go and have a hot chocolate to warm up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday 17 November - Meadery and Benbow!

Current location: Admiral Benbow, Penzance
11.11pm, In the Benbow, after having been for a meadery. For those that don't live in West Cornwall, that probably doesn't mean much. But those in the know will understand what a joyous, Cornish evening I had!

Starting with the meadery, Mum, Dad and I met Pip, Jo, Vinny and Zac at Trewellard Meadery. A meadery is like a bizarre kind of medieval restaurant/winery, with a focus on mead wine. You eat with your fingers, it's very dark and there are lots of swords and strange things like that on the wall. The food is cheap and yummy, there are lots of flavours of mead wine and the result in an amazing evening. Mum and Dad used to take my three sisters and me when we were children and I would always have chicken in the rough, death by chocolate and a red devil to drink (blackcurrant and lemonade). That's progressed to fish or prawn fries, death by chocolate and mead wine. So much fun.

When we headed back into town, Mum, Dad and I went for a drink at the Admiral Benbow in Penzance. Known just as the Benbow, it was the place all my friends went when we first starting going out as teenagers. It's small, with low ceilings, lots of crazy decor, a favourite of fisherman and dogs, and serves a mean rum and shrub. Ruth, Nicky, Jack and lots of other really good friends turned up and we had an awesome night that made me want to live in Cornwall again! I love coming home.

Thursday 15 November - BJP IPA (LOL)

Current location: Old Street
 11.11pm, On a train home. I'd been out at the awards exhibition of one of the magazines I work for, British Journal of Photography (BJP). We had just announced the winner of our International Photography Award and were at the private view of the exhibition. The pictures were ace, the free bar went down a treat and everyone was in a fab mood. Go BJP, and congratulations to Alvaro Deprit and Nikolai Ishchuk, the worthy winners.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday 17 November - Back in pasty land

Current location: Cornwall!
11.11am, In the car with my dad. He picked me up from the airport as I've come home for the weekend (and an hour's flight seemed nicer than a six-hour train journey). First stop was to go and meet my mum and pick up a pasty, before having a nice chilled out day and popping into town for a mosey.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wedsnesday 14 November - Back at Book Club

Current location: London Bridge
11.11pm, Still at Book Club at Chloe's house. I realllly adore our group of girls from my Master's at City, who all join together for a book club once a month. As well as it being a good way to make me read books other than Jodi Picoult's, it's also so much fun to see these amazing women and catch up on their lives. This book club was an eventful one, with some pretty exciting news, which meant lots of shrieking, lots of wine and a few (happy) tears.

Sunday 11 November - Tired legs, happy weekend

Current location: Lewisham

11.11pm, Stretching! Today Andy and I cycled to my sister Kate's house in Balham. It took us about an hour, thanks to many hills, but it was a fun ride. And always ace to hang out with the Rees family, which included Ella doing Kate's hair for her. Lucky Kate.

Friday 9 November - A (little) bit of Friday fun

Current location: Shoreditch, London
11.11pm, Leaving the pub. I met my awesome friends Catdog and Emma, and their just-as-awesome boyfs Brodie and Andy for some Friday night drinks. One of my favourite things to do. However, I was mindful of the fact I had a 9am netball match the next morning. Not just against any team; against a team who haven't lost for three years. So I behaved myself and headed home for an early-ish night.

Ps, we lost the match by 5 goals. We'll get them next time!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday 7 November - My evening, courtesy of Australia

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Reading. Today I came home to an amazing package from Kara, my friend from Liverpool who now lives in Australia. She's sent me some awesome treats so I settled down for the evening with a cup of tea, a packet of Tim Tams and the latest issue of Frankie magazine. Lovely.

Sunday 4 November - Sunday pubbing

Current location: Hither Green, London
11.11pm, At home. In bed. I had the laziest day today, only leaving the house to go down the road to the pub. We met Jdog and Rochy and had a lovely, long afternoon incorporating a roast, hot chocolates and a very involved game of Trivial Pursuit. I lost, as predicted, but I also managed to drag Jdog down with me, who had previously winning until I made him team up with me. Sorry Jdog!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday 3 November - Keep on pedalling!

Current location: Blackheath, London
11.11pm, In the pub, with aching legs. Today we had a netball social that started at 3pm in a pub at London Bridge. We were going on a Pedibus, which is basically a table with bike pedals attached. You cycle, drink and see the sights, all at the same time. Thirteen of us piled onto one (fuelled by a daytime tequila shot) and started pedalling...but it was soooo hard. It wasn't long before we stopped, and started rolling backwards. And there was us thinking we were super-fit! Starting again with a few of the girls pushing, we made our way over London Bridge, past the Tower of London, over Tower Bridge. It was sooooo much fun and I would definitely recommend doing it. We laughed so much!

About an hour and 15 minutes later, when we got back to the pub, we decide to carry the night on by going to the fireworks in Blackheath. Millions of other people also had the same idea so we arrived, watched most of the fireworks then ran off and grabbed a table at the pub to settle for the night. Some other friends joined us, including Andy and some of his Australian friends, and we finally left at about midnight. An amazing social, good work social secretary Katy!

Friday 2 November - Friday fireworks

Current location: Brockwell Park
11.11pm, At Sara and Paul's house. As Bonfire Night is nearly here, lots of fireworks events are going on this weekend. I kicked the weekend off by going to Sara and Paul's flat, which is right on Brockwell Park, home to an awesome fireworks display. A few of us were there and we had a fab time oooh-ing and aaahing, and dancing, then headed back to Sar and Paul's for some red wine to warm up and some fun-time chats. Perfect Friday.

(Fourth photo © Brodie Lea)

Wednesday 31 October - Halloween fun

Current location: Lee, London
11.11pm, On the way back from a Halloween pub quiz (we were rubbish). Andy and I had another go at carving pumpkins, and were happy with our results... (See our first ever attempt here, in Berlin in 2010). Happy Halloween!

Saturday 27 October - It's spooooky time!

Current location: Shoreditch
11.11pm, Getting our spook on! A big group of us went out for my birthday and it was SO FUN! It started at about 5pm when some of my awesome netball buddies came round to get ready, then we trekked up to Shoreditch to meet some others at the Old Blue Last pub. Everyone looked awesome and we were all in the party mood. A couple of hours later and we were queueing to get into Blueberry Bar, where more friends were waiting. The night flew by – despite getting an extra hour, courtesy of daylight saving – and I had the best time. Thanks everyone for a great birthday night out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saturday 27 October - Netball trip to Macca's

Current location: Eltham
11.11am, In McDonald's. We had a 9am netball match this morning, and it was freeeeeezing. The other team managed to scrape together only five players (there are seven on a team) so were getting thrashed by half-time. They decided to concede the match, leaving us with lots of points but a bit of disappointment at not getting to finish the game. So we commiserated with a McDonald's breakfast, like all good sportswomen.

Thursday 25 October - Finally my scarf is done!

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Being proud. Tonight, after (at least) six months, I finally finished this scarf I have been knitting. It's made from (at least) five balls of wool, has (at least) two mistakes in it, and is the finest thing I've ever made.

Sunday 21 October - Taxidermy time

Current location: Dulwich, London
11.11am, At the Horniman Museum with my brother-in-law and niece. We were looking at the stuffed animals (and sitting down a lot, which was mostly what Ella wanted to do). I went back to Kate and Jim's house for the afternoon, and ended up staying until late-o-lock; I just can't tear myself away from the amazing Rees family!

Saturday 20 October - Rhi lives in London now!

Current location: London
11.11pm, On my way home from Shoreditch, where I'd been out celebrating Rhi's birthday. My beautiful friend Rhi, who I used to play netball/study law with in Cardiff, has moved to London and I couldn't be happier. Her handsome boyfriend Jun is moving up soon and I can't wait to spend more time with them.