Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday 15 February – Heading north

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Asleep. Tired after a long day of sunshine, celebrating and flat car batteries. We met Andy's parents, Nick and Bree for some lunch in the sun today, then Andy and I drove to the Northern Beaches so he could play soccer while I went to the beach! When it came time to come back, we found we'd left the lights on (oops) and had a flat battery... So after some friends helped us out, we had a beer and then went out for a yummy bowl of pasta to end the birthday weekend. I love this man and the life that we have together!

Saturday 14 February – Twin time birthday

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, At home. I think. I can't actually remember what time we left the pub to come home, but let's say it was before 11.11pm. Today we celebrated Nick and Andy's 37th birthdays (or their joint 74th!) with a pub crawl from Surry Hills to Erskineville. The day involved three pubs, two parks, one football match (we won!), some ping pong, some bunting, lots of wine, five bikes, 15 friends, one drunken basketball game and one broken nose (Nick's). Sign of a good celebration!
Love these boys, and our amazing friends (including two new German friends we made in the park today who then joined in the celebrations with us!) who made today so awesome. My heart is happy, even if my legs are aching!

Thursday 12 February – Sister, sister

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Grinning and feeling close to home. I sent off an RSVP to my bessie mate Lily's wedding last week (I sent the RSVP last week; the wedding is in May)... And Lily then sent me a picture of my RSVP next to the one from my sister, Pippa. Notice any similarities?!! (Although Pip's is obviously more impressive!)

Sunday 8 February – Walking the walk

Current location: Somewhere in eastern Sydney
11.11am, Walking. As I was at 12.12pm, 1.11pm, and a good few hours after that. In three weeks' time, Chrystal, Marc, Andy and I are doing the 'Coastrek', a 55km walk from Palm Beach to Balmoral. So today, three of us (minus Andy, who was working) braved the 31-degree heat and went for a 30km walk from Circular Quay to Bondi.

It was good, really good, and fun, and achy, and a good challenge, but the best bit was probably taking off my shoes at the end and getting in the sea. I'm now excited and pretty scared about the trek. I'm raising money for the Fred Hollow Foundation:

Saturday 7 February – Summer shootout

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Making soup and waiting for Ducky. She was coming over to eat soup and then go to netball with me. This weekend is the 'Summer Shootout', when all the teams from the ANZ Championship get together and play each other. It's meant to be a bit of a pre-cursor to the season, and this year's one was in the new NSW netball centre in Sydney. So off went Ducky and me, equipped with snacks and loud voices for cheering. It was bloody fun, watching some amazing netball and also having a fab day with Ducky. Two of my favourite things!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday 6 February - New house, old friends

Current location: Dulwich Hill
11.11pm, Drinking wine with Chrystal (and Marc and Andy who were drinking whiskey). Since she left New Idea last month, I've missed my desk buddy and work bestie so we planned a night in at their incredible new house to watch Grey's Anatomy and catch up. But we were too busy catching up, we forgot to watch Grey's! 

Thursday 5 February - So much netball!

Current location: Alexandria 
11.11pm, Watching TV with my leg up as I hurt my knee at netball. Nothing major, but probably the result of playing too much netball (is that a thing?!). I've played four games in the past three days and my body doesn't seem to be thanking me for it (so I gave it pizza and beer)... We won three of the four though! 

Sunday 1 February - Cheers to a new month!

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11am, Reading on the verandah. What a lovely, lazy morning! We had a bit more beach time in the afternoon, and Jess came up to join us, then we had a champers in the afternoon and all went home to cook dinner. Jess and I both made frittatas and sent pictures to each other (hers looked better than mine).

I can't believe it's already February! I'm excited about it - January was so good... I ran 100km, joined a new netball team, got into a new TV series (The Fall), got asked to be a bridesmaid and booked some trips home!! The year has started string... I wonder if any month this year can top it!   

Saturday 31 January - Hit the beach

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11am, At the beach. What better thing to do when the sun's shining in such a beautiful part of the world?!
I'd had my hair cut in the morning too, and in the eve I got to show it off when seven of us went for dinner at Safran, an amazing Turkish restaurant where the food was insanely good and we all sat outside in the courtyard and pretended we were in Bali. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday 30 January – Done and proud

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Watching TV and being tired and smug. In the past month (well, since Boxing Day), I’ve been doing a running challenge, in the aim of completing 100km before the end of January.

And tonight I did my final 8.5km, in the dark, on a Friday night, running past people drinking, having fun, and doing what people usually do on a Friday night. I’m very proud of myself for finishing (and starting)! 

Thursday 29 January – I'm invited!

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Sending a photo to Lily, of me opening a wedding invite from her!!! Can't wait – only a few months to go until I see one of my oldest, bestest friends marry the love of her life!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday 25 January – Sunday hangs with ma ladies

Current location: Erskineville
11.11am, Hanging by Sha's pool. We went for a run this morning, about 8km, and then cooled down by her pool. Could be worse ways to start a Sunday! Then my lovely friend Ducky called and asked if I wanted to go to the beach (I did), so off we went to Bondi, picking up Breezer on the way. The three of us had a yummy juice, a swim, a sunbathe, then Ducky and I went to the Openair cinema to watch a band called Husky. We were meant to be watching a moving called Pride later in the evening but, despite an absolutely beautiful day, it got too windy and was called off. Luckily by then, we'd drunk a couple of mojitos, eaten some pizza and ice-cream and had the mother of all afternoons. Dreamy!