Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday 29 May – Close call

Current location: Queens Park
11.11am, Playing football! Today we were playing Bauer, who are our biggest rivals... Currently we sit at the top of the ladder, just one point above them, thanks to beating them in penalties after the last time we played them and drew 3-3.
Today, it was another close game. We were 2-0 up at one point, then they got two goals (well, they got one goal, but it was scored by a girl, which means it's worth two!), then we got a goal, then they got a goal. 3-3 at full-time - again! So, in our comp when it's a draw, it goes to penalties, and the girls have to take them first.
Suffice it to say mine got saved, but luckily the other girls are better than me... and so were the boys, when it was their time to take the penalties. So we won! Lovely Jess was there to cheer us on too, as she'd dropped by early this morning for a coffee and some avo toast, then driven me to football (Andy was working so met us there). Andy had a blinder of a game and scored, plus won Man of the Match.
After the game, I did a bit of shopping in the city, and then went to see Bree for a chilled arvo hang, before a bit of housework and a netball game in the evening.

Saturday 28 May – Attention to detail

Current location: Sydney
11.11am, On the train to Redfern. From Museum. Where I'd had to get a taxi to the bar we were in last night, where I'd left my wallet. Which I only found out once I'd been to work to get my phone charger. Then I was on my way to meet Tracy at Redfern, where we began the very annoying journey to Olympic Park in the rain, with a hangover, to watch the Swifts match. There's very little I wouldn't do for the Swifts!
When we got there, it was so quiet. Admittedly we were five minutes late, but still. I checked the time on the ticket, and it definitely said 12 o'clock... On Sunday 29 May. Oops, only a day early!
We went for a coffee instead, then I went home, to watch Grey's Anatomy in bed, and start this day again!

Friday 27 May – A change of plans

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Planning my quiet night. A change of plan meant that instead of going up the coast this weekend, I was just going for a drink with Yee. Fast-forward 12 hours, and a drink had predictably multiplied into several bottles of wine with her and Teebow, a new and improved plan to go dancing, some tequilas, multiple shapes thrown on the dancefloor, and a much-later bedtime than intended. Oops.

Monday 23 May – Three years (almost)

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Watching Wolf Creek, the TV mini-series. Today was all about Aussie stuff – we ate kangaroo burgers and prawns for dinner (and French Champagne, but it was bought in Australia, so that counts), watched Aussie horror and I hung out with my epicly lovely Aussie husbot, who had organised all this. Why? Because today is my three-year Aussi-versary!*

*OK, so I found out later in the week that it's actually the 26 May, but it was too late by then!  

Saturday 21 May - Champagne lunching

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Getting ready. I was meeting Chrystal and Rachel at 12.30pm for an amazing lunch at Black by Ezard at the Star Casino – three courses and UNLIMITED MUMM CHAMPAGNE. Guess which bit we were most excited about?!
To be honest, the food was absolutely exquisite – I had prawns, and gnocci, and and amazing chocolate thing that was encased in a chocolate bubble that melted when they pour hot chocolate over it.  Yep... chocolate comas are definitely a thing.
Luckily, we stayed hydrated and awake with a large amount of Mumm. It was the best day! We were so full and so happy and bubbly and tipsy and jolly and smiley! Go here! Find any excuse to go here, it was so fun.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Wednesday 18 May – Book club babes

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Home from book club. Man, I love book club. Baked camembert, red wine, a small amount of talking about the book (The Nightingale) and then a large amount of hilarious non-book related conversation.

Sunday 15 May – Derby Day #2

Current location: Alexandria Park
11.11am, Shooting some hoops with Maddie. We met for a chat and a hang and a coffee but ended up having a throw around with a netball for a couple of hours instead. I LOVE this girl.
In the afternoon, Andy and I played football. Today is the second of our 'El Classico' football games, against our sister team Freelance Atletico (we are called Freelance United). The game was fiercely fought, nail-biting stuff... and ended with a 2-1 victory our way – the same score as last time we played them. Luckily we all stayed friends and headed to the pub after, where Andy and I stayed for hours with Thimo, Ali, Resi, being silly and loving the afternoon turning into the evening surrounded by friends.  

Saturday 14 May – Best hangover cure

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, At home, trying to drag myself out and onto a train. I went up to Central Coast to see Jess, Dave and Val, and we went for a lovely swim in the sea, which fixed everything. Lunch, and chilling, and beach time, and hang time, then Jess and I drove back to the city, and Andy and I went for Saturday night pizza/pasta, which is becoming something of a (brilliant) ritual.

Friday 13 May – No bad luck here

Current location: Chippendale? Newtown?

11.11pm, Dancing? Drinking? Chatting? I know I was having fun, whatever I was doing, because from the moment I met Mia, Em, Ducky and Steph at The Old Clare on Braodway for after-work drinks, I was having fun! In fact, the fun started before that, when I met Andy and a couple of other friends for a post-work margarita. I was wearing Gorman, the sun was shining, and I was so excited for my girls' night out. I didn't realise it would end up such a big night, but I probably should have done after our second bottle of champagne, when we moved onto espresso martinis. We went to Spice Alley for dinner (I love it there!), then, unwilling to call it a night, decided to go out dancing in the Marly Bar. We danced for hours, and I ended up going to bed at about 2am (latest I've been out in a while!!). So. Much. Fun.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday 11 May – What a view

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, At work. Normal work day. Busy. Patrick back from holiday. Press day. Etc etc. Until 5pm came around and I was treated to the most beautiful sunset out the window. I love my desk!

Monday 9 May – Home and Homeland

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Probably watching Homeland. We're pretty addicted at the moment. We had Mexican for dinner and decided to put up some Mexican flags to go with the theme – arrriiiba!

Sunday 8 May – Mother's Day Down Under

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Having a shower. Andy and I had a game of football this morning with the F45ers, then went to pick Dave and Val up to take them to Nick and Bree's for lunch. Breezer made the most incredible Moroccan feast, which included about eight different dishes. Next level amazing.

Saturday 7 May – Sunny Saturday soccer

Current location: Sydney, NSW
11.11am, In the car. We were driving to football (Andy's team) – it's in a lovely part of the northern beaches, and the sun was shining, so I went to watch and cheer. Sadly they lost 4-1, boooooo. I then spent Saturday night cleaning the bathroom and making banana bread, because I'm an awesome spouseface.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Wednesday 4 May – Asian tacos

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Making a plan with Yee and Teebow (I call then Yeebow). We were meeting for dinner that night and, as Teebow and I were not up for cooking, we suggested going out for Mexican food. But our lovely (and very good at cooking) friend Yee offered to make us dinner, and we had such a fun night at hers, eating deeeeelish rice paper rolls (or 'Asian tacos', as we renamed them) then gorging on chocolate and girl chats. Loved it.

Sunday 1 May – So much sport

Current location: Alexandria

11.11am, Having a shower after a football game/kickaround with my gym friends. It was ace fun and set to become a regular occurrence. The afternoon saw Dave and Val coming around after they did a walk to raise money for Alzheimer's Australia, then they came to watch us play in our proper football game, which we won 13-0! Such a fun game. Admittedly, they did get someone sent off, but we were playing so well. And I got (female) Man of the Match, which was nice!
Straight from football, I went to Sydney Uni to play netball, which we won 35-9! What fab day for sport. Now I'm shattered.

Saturday 30 April – From one coast to another

Current location: In the sea
11.11am, On a boat, between Ettalong Beach and Palm Beach. I woke up at Dave and Val's and we had a yummy brekky then sorted out some bits left over from the wedding, before getting on the ferry to go to Andy's football match. It was an ace game, ending 2-2 (thanks to a last-minute penalty), then we went home and went out for a big pasta dinner. Fun times with my lovely partner in life!

Friday 29 April – Friday night transit

Current location: Ettalong Beach
11.11pm, Asleep. After a busy week, i hopped on the train up to the Central Coast and we hung out with Dave and Val tonight. It's such a lovely feeling getting a train up here after work, and leaving the city behind you.