Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thursday 21 May – How much can you fit into one day?

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11am, Walking back from Marazion. This morning started early, with me joining Pip and her friend Reni for a 10km run. More than I thought I could do but they're very motivating! When I got back to the house, Mum and I dropped the car off in Marazion for a service, then walked back to Penzance… So by the time I got back, I was pretty tired out! Mum, Pip and I treated ourselves by going for a yummy lunch in town, then I rushed off to get my nails done. 
Lolly's Nails, where we had our manicures, was one of the best nail places I've ever been to. Lily, Mary and I went to get our nails done before Lily's wedding this weekend, and Lolly had laid out champagne, chocolate, marshmallows, crisps; it was ace! We spent a good couple of hours there and then, when my nails were looking fab, I went to meet my friend Tom. We had a cup and sat in his mum's lovely house by the sea… Last time I saw him was in Sydney!
From Tom's, I went up to Alverton School (where my nephews go) to watch Vinny in a performance of 'Wizard of Oz'. Like an embarrassing auntie, I got totally over-proud and overwhelmed and may have had a little tear when Vin was singing! My face bit of the play tough, had to be when The Tin Man farted and it echoed around the school hall and all the adults couldn't stop giggling. Gotta love a school play!

After the play, Andy and I went back to Pip and Jo's, stayed up late and ate pizza and drank beer. Love spending more time with my sisters and their wonderful husbands. 

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