Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday 22 February – All the cheeses and meats

Current location: Eveleigh

11.11am, Making plans with Chrystal and Laura. We met for dinner tonight at Continental in Newtown. We drank bubbles and ate all the cheese and all the meat. It was so good!

Tuesday 21 February – Treat night for me

Current location: Alexandria

11.11pm, Fast asleep. Andy went away for work today, for a week. So this evening I went and had a full body massage. Then came home, changed the sheets, had a shower, made dinner, and had an early night. Bliss. 

Monday 20 February – Happy (early) birthday Dave!

Current location: Alexandria

11.11pm, Getting home, after a walk instead of a cycle as Andy's tyre was flat. We'd been in Ultimo, to Spice Alley (and the Old Clare), for Dave's birthday. Yummmmmmmmo. I love it there, and I love them.

Sunday 19 February – Lovely Livvy!

Current location: Newtown
11.11am, Having brekky with some F45ers after a Sunday workout (woah! Never done that before!). Afterwards, Andy and I headed over to Manly, where it was a beautiful sunny day and we soaked it up with a beer on the wharf. Then we went to Jess’ house for a hang, and got to babysit our beautiful great-niece Livvy. She was a dream! In the evening, not wanting to let the weekend go, we went for Mexican dinner, than caught the boat home. Such a dream day.

Saturday 18 February – So busy, so sporty

Current location: Narrabeen
11.1am, At Sal's house. Yee and I went to visit her and little Billie, who's a month old and very gorgeous (and sleepy!). It was so good to see Sal again, and have a big catch-up wth Yee too. I managed to get home for a very speedy nap, then dashed out to Olympic Park to watch the netball. It's the first game of the new season – Swifts v Giants. I thought I'd be conflicted as to who to cheer for (as my friend Taylah plays for Giants), but it turns out my Swifts support runs deep. It was an amazing and close game, I'm so glad the new season has started!
After the netball, I dashed across Olympic Park to watch the soccer... another Sydney derby (Sydney FC v Western Sydney Wanderers). We were barracking for Sydney but sadly they lost 1-0. It was a fab game though, so much atmosphere. 
We weren't too tired when we left, so we jumped in a cab and headed to our friends' house, Mia and Gaz, where they were having a housewarming, and the drinks were flowing. Some backyard limbo, shots and dancing later, and home we went. 

Friday 17 February – Twin time party

Current location: Erskineville
11.11pm, At Hive! Nick and Andy organised themselves some birthday drinks (not knowing about secret birthday dinner), and a brilliant crew of party people came to celebrate with them. Ace place, ace people, ace night!

Wednesday 15 February – Surprise birthday!

Current location: Surry Hills
11.11pm, On the way home from a SURPRISE PARTY! Today is Nick and Andy’s birthday! It started very early, when Andy and I went to Bondi at 5am, in the hope of seeing Tony Hawk (Andy had had a tip-off he’d be there, but he wasn’t). We tried to find somewhere that would sell us coffee, but it was just too early. We had a lovely walk though and then off we went to work for the day, before meeting up for a quiet dinner in the evening, just the two of us. That’s what Andy thought anyway! 

What was actually happening was Nick, Bree, Andy and I met for a quick drink at the Norfolk, while their friends wee sneakily gathering at Fatima’s restaurant across the road. Over we went, and there they all were! Surprise! It was so much fun. We all had a fab night, which included some impromptu belly-dancing, and a lot of laughs. I love these boys, especially my boy. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday 14 February – Dinner for two

Current location: Alexandria
11.11pm, Watching Suits with Andy. We'd had a pretty chilled, but really lovely, Valentine's evening, with tuna steaks (and heart prawns) and my fave red wine (Audrey Wilkinson shiraz).

Monday 13 February – Oztag moments

Current location: Eveleigh, Sydney
11.11am, Organising Oztag team. Tired. We got up at 4.45am to get back from Melbourne in time for work, so by the time I was watching the Oztag this evening, I was pretty tired.