Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday 30 May - Day of the dead

Current location: Lewisham
11.11am, On the phone to Nicky, organising our day. We'd had a few vague plans for this Bank Holiday Monday, but the lack of sunshine ruined most of them. So we decided to head to Highgate Cemetery. Not a usual Bank Holiday activity, but Highgate is no ordinary graveyard.

It opened back in 1839, when private cemeteries were allowed to be built for the first time (thanks to too many people dying and not enough space for their bodies in the Council-run graveyards). Back then, death was a pretty huge industry, and people would pay the equivalent of tens of thousands of pounds to ensure their family members were buried in the 'best cemeteries'. Highgate was thought of as one of the most prestigious, and today it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful.

It is also home to the graves of many a 'celebrity', including Karl Marx, Jeremy Beadle, Michael Faraday and Tom Sayers (once the bare-knuckle fighting world champion, don't you know) - click on the links to see their graves. It was a beautiful place with lots of stories and I wouldn't mind going back and visiting the East side another time (the newer part, built in 1854, and still used as a working cemetery today).

We then went for cake and tea... Not in the cemetery, but in a nearby park, and were treated to music by a string quartet. A proper good London day.

Sunday 29 May - Oh my. Dream day


Current location: South Kensington, London
11.11am, In the Science Museum. Woah, so I thought yesterday was awesome. But today was in another league. My mum and dad came up and joined us in the big smoke and we went to the Science Museum to play with lots of colours, lights and sounds (if you're Vinny or Ella) or build a bridge out of blocks (if you're Dad, Claire or me).

Next was a delicious Italian lunch before a walk on the South Bank, where Vinny entertained everyone by adoring all the dressed-up characters ("I just met Spiderman!!!").

We went on the carousel (I took Ella on who had an expression somewhere between bemusement and fear) and ate popcorn and then Andy taught Vinny how to skateboard. But Vinny had a much way of doing it – on his belly. What a hero.

After cups of tea and lots of games, we headed back to Balham to Kate's house for a play in the sunny garden and a Sunday dinner with mucho wine with the whole family.

Oh yes, and the sun shone, and there was bunting, and on the way home we saw THREE crack foxes.

Other than missing a few key people (my other nephew, Zac, for example), I don't think days get better than this one, I really don't...

Saturday 28 May - Sisters, nieces, nephews, awesome

Current location: Balham
11.11pm, Drinking wine at my sister's (Kate) house. Today was incredible. My sister (Claire) came up to London, as did my sister (Pippa) and my AMAZING nephew (Vinny). My sisters are blinking awesome and I love seeing them; they're fab. We went to see Stomp, which was pretty high-octane excitement, but a bit too long. It was Vinny's first trip to London and he was on amazing form, loving the Tube, loving seeing his little cousin Ella, loving being on holiday and generally being VERY loveable. Being an auntie is pretty much the best thing I've ever experienced.

Saturday 28 May - I want to ride my bicycle...

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Looking at my new bike that Andy had just picked up for me! He's called Grandad (old but dependable) and, although I haven't actually ridden him yet, I still feel the love growing.

Friday 27 May - Cardiff 'til I die!

Current location: On the train
11.11pm, On my way back to Lewisham after some pretty awesome Friday night drinks. I'd met up with a lovely friend of mine, Rhi (top left), who I did law with back at Cardiff uni. Potts (top right) came to meet us and we had a very wine-y, very nostalgic, very funny night, reminiscing and laughing. I absolutely LOVED Cardiff uni (as you might be able to tell from the banner above: 'Cardiff 'til I die'!) – it was one of the best times of my life and being such good friends with people that I met during that time is a fab reminder.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thursday 26 May - Eat Read Sleep

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Fast asleep. Andy got up at 4.30am this morning for work, which meant that, by the time he got home, he was pretty much ready for bed right after dinner. I finished my book and went to bed too so for the first time in about four years, I was asleep before 10pm. It was lovely.

(Picture - in almost the right order - taken from Isabella L on Weheartit)

Wednesday 25 May - Midweek Thai

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Texting Andy to say I am home safe. He was at a King Creosote gig with our friend Gemma and I'd been in Waterloo having drinks with Catdog, Sarah and Sara. The sun had shone as we sat on the South Bank with celebratory wines (Sara has a new job!) and then we went to a hilarious little greasy spoon that masquerades as a Thai. The food was a-mazing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday 24 May - Household game night

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Playing Articulate. This was no ordinary game. Both Petros and I are super competitive, so we fought and fought and fought to win. He won. It was a sad moment in the Lewisham household (for me), but we got over it by playing with FyrFlyz, above (Unfortunately, that is the correct spelling!).

(Picture taken from Vivid Imaginations)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday 24 May - Heading down under!

Current location: Soho, London
11.11am, Paying a deposit for A FLIGHT TO AUSTRALIA!!!!! I haven't been back for seven years, but my lovely and beautiful friend Lauren (who I blogged about here) is getting married!!!! (Yes, there is a need for this many exclamation marks!!!). So I am lucky enough to be going out for two weeks for the wedding in October, and I cannot believe how excited I am! Yippee!! Four months and counting...

(Picture taken from Australia Tourist Guide)

Monday 23 May - Book me in

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Getting into bed, feeling hugely exhilarated and very full. I'd been for dinner with the City girls and I had such a funny time, laughing the whole time. For once we didn't get shushed or asked to leave the restaurant either, so that was a bonus. And we've decided to start a book club, which I am ruddy excited about!

(Picture taken from New West End)

Sunday 22 May - Balham barbecue

Current location: Lewisham
11.11am, Eating toast, drinking coffee and reading my book. We came back to Lewisham late last night after going out for Jack's birthday, so we had a pretty lazy morning. The afternoon brought a trip to Balham for a barbecue at Paul's house - we ended up staying well into the evening, as it was such a lovely sunny day with loads of meat, fab people, funny games and flowing beer. What a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday 21 May - Jack and a cute dog

Current location: Dalston, London
11.11pm, In a pop-up bar in East London for Jack's birthday. We'd had a dreamy day in the park (London Fields) with friends, gin and cricket (and a really cute dog called Teddy), then walked/cycled along the canal to Dalston for some drinks in a rooftop bar.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday 20 May - Crazy Maisie part two

Current location: Lewisham, London
11.11pm, In bed watching Grey's Anatomy. Yes, very similar to another recent activity. What can I say? I love it!

Anyway, tonight I caught up with my darling lady Maisie, who is my friend from Liverpool and who I haven't seen since September. She's in London for the weekend, so we went to the pub and caught up with ciders and long-awaited chats. She is pretty much one of the most awesome people, and it was lovely to see her.

After a couple of hours, her sister, Rita, (fab names, huh?) came to meet us and we went to the Japanese place that I went to last week. Again I had Chicken Teriyaki and, again, I couldn't finish it. I really can't recommend that place enough.

As I was walking to catch the train home, Trafalgar Square (above) was buzzing and looked beautiful and I couldn't help thinking how lucky I am to live here and such a fun life.

Thursday 19 May - Quizzing with the workies

Current location: Lewisham, London
11.11pm, Watching Grey's Anatomy in bed, eating chocolate brownies. I'd been at a pub quiz with the boys from work, and we'd won a whole lot of stuff so I was surrounded by a fleece, a router, pens, bags, and squeezy buffaloes. It had been a free bar so I was also full of gin and strawberry beer. Super funny night

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday 18 May - Sweet life

Current location: Angel, London
11.11pm, Eating Haribo and drinking wine on Nicky's bed. I stayed at Ruth and Nicky's last night, and we were such girls. We ate delish dinner of sausage and mash, then spent the whole night with the three of us sprawled out on Nicky's bed eating sweets and drinking white wine. A lovely Wednesday night!

(Image taken from Staggered)

Tuesday 17 May - Baby games

Current location: Balham, London
11.11pm, Reading on the sofa in my sister, Kate's, house. I'd been there for dinner and had arrived in time to hang out with baby Ella before she went to bed. She was full of smiles and love, as always, and the whole evening was very chilled and lovely. I'm so lucky to live near (some of) my family; it makes London seem a lot less daunting!

Monday 16 May - Sneaky sleepy

Current location: Lewisham, London
11.11pm, Sneaking quietly into bed. Sneaking because Emily was already in there, fast asleep. Her school (she is a teacher) isn't far away from our house, which has happily resulted in me seeing more of her. She has Ofsted this week, so has been staying at school late and getting there early to prepare. When she came tonight, we had a scrummy dinner and some wine and chats. Love her.

(Coincidentally, if you love her too and want to buy the badge above, get it from i-heart-shop for £3.50)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday 15 May - Sausage Sundays

Current location: Finsbury Park
11.11am, Sitting in a darkened room with Sarah, Emma and Catdog, talking about eating sausage baguettes. Last night was so so much fun, and we properly indulged our lack-of-sleep hangovers by drinking chocolate milk, eating said baguettes and watch Rihanna music videos. Go us.

(Image taken from Jessica's Dinner Party)