Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday 28 April - Here we come!

Current location: Absolutely no idea
11.11pm, On an aeroplane, somewhere between Sydney and Dubai. Andy and I are on our way to the UK!!! It's his first trip back since we left two years ago, and I haven't been back since August. We were so excited! Actually, at this point, I think we were either asleep or watching a film, but in general we were excited!!
We'd had a bit of a mad day of sorting everything out from the wedding (prompting the dry cleaners to ask: 'Why is there red wine on everything?!') and packing for the next five weeks. I also did a running class and a weights class, then went for breakfast with my favourite gym buddies. And then met another friend for another run! It's amazing how much you can do when you're not at work! 
So by the time we got on our flight, we were pretty tired out and ready to sit down and/or sleep for the first leg to Dubai. 

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