Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunday 31 May – Last supper

Current location: Balham, London
11.11pm, Having after-dinner drinks with Kate and Jim. It's our last night tonight, and although we're so sad to leave, we've had the BEST time here. What a mix of family, friends, celebrations, holidays, beaches, cities, exploring and love. We really couldn't have asked for a better trip. 

This morning we drove back (admittedly a bit hungover) from Ipswich, then went straight to the pub, where we hung for the next six hours. Lots of our friends came to have a roast and a drink with us, and it was ace just to have a final catch-up with various people and soak up the love. We really are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives. It was sad saying bye to everyone, but we are so blessed to know they'll be in our hearts until we see them next, and in our lives forever. 

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