Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wednesday 3 June – To the Gantry!

Current location: Sydney
11.11pm, Fast asleep, thanks to jetlag. I think I made it to about 9pm, which was pretty good going for me. I only made it that late because I was out for dinner with my lovely friend Clare, who has been house-sitting/job-sitting for us/me while we've been away. We went for a swanky dinner to catch up (as she flies out of Oz tomorrow, back to the UK via a few holiday destinations!) and had the yummiest food at the Gantry. We couldn't decide between loads of options, so ended up having them all! The chef used to be Victoria Beckham's private chef, and there was a salad (of course) on the menu that he created for her. It was good! As were the scallops, potatoes, sweet potato, and four other dishes I've forgotten (the downfall of leaving it so late to do my blogging!). Thanks Posh Spice, loving your salad!

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