Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saturday 25 April - #Breeandnaw wedding!!

Current location: Byron Bay
11.11am, Getting my hair done. We had such a fab morning in the gorgeous house, getting our hair and make-up done by the lovely wedding hairdressers and make-up artists. Bree was an extremely chilled bride, and wasn't interested in making the day too traditional, so Nick, Andy and Fletcher were at the house too, getting ready.

Well, later on they were. At 11.11am, they were out surfing with about 10 of their friends! I'd managed a quick run and swim earlier in the day too, and then spent the morning prepping and beautifying. It was so much fun! I always love the 'getting ready' bit, and getting ready for Nick and Bree's wedding was no different. We popped the champers (as soon as Bree's mum was given the go-ahead!) and ate rice paper rolls with our glam hairdos, then before too long it was time to get our bridesmaids outfits on and get Bree into her dress! What a classic, exquisite bride. 
The venue, Ewingsdale Hall, was so perfect. A beautiful field next to a little hall, the sun was pouring in from behind the trees and it looked like a film set, it was so picturesque! The ceremony itself was so personal and touching, so laidback and 'real' and true to Nick and Bree. Everyone was crying and laughing.

After the ceremony and photos (the sun obliging with perfect dappled light!), we are from the grazing table, drank champagne and got to hug and chat to all the friends and family. What a bunch of bloody legends!

As the evening wore on, and drinks flowed, and the MC announced that the 'speeches' were open to anyone (as long as you restricted your speech to 30 seconds or under), a line formed of well-wishers wanting their half of minute of mic time. It was such a good idea, and the speeches ranged from songs to heartfelt wishes to embarrassing stories to poems to jokes. 
Once the sun had gone down and the first three kegs of beer had been drunk, the party moved inside the hall, where DJ Joshy Moore dropped some dancefloor-filling beats and bride owned the stage. So. Much. Fun.

The night was full of sound and spins and laughing and dancing and drinking and spills and fun, and when the last bus came to take us back into torn, we didn't want the night to end. What a perfect day. As we got back to our amazing house (minus the keys but luckily with mine and Nicky's knowledge of how to break in), we collapsed on the couch, and ate a bumper bag of Malteasers.

(PS I didn't take many photos at all, but go to #Breeandnaw on Instagram and feast your eyes on some visual delights!)

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