Saturday, December 23, 2017

Monday 4 December – Another office

Current location: Balham
11.11pm, At Kate's after going to see my friend Gemma for some drinks. I'd worked from home this morning, then at lunchtime caught up with my friend Rianne, then in the afternoon I worked from Kate's office. I loved it so much, I miss the buzz of a big office heaps. After work, we went for a funny and yummy dinner at The Book Club (funny because there were lots of Christmas parties going on all around us, which we accidentally kind of joined in with).

Sunday 3 December – Getting cosy

Current location: Balham
11.11pm, Going to bed at my sister Kate's house. I went to meet them all (the Reeses Pieces) at Clapham Junction this afternoon after a delicious roast with my friend Rhian and Clare in Waterloo. A bit of Christmas shopping and a hot chocolate later and we went back to Kate's house to snuggle up and watch a film and play with my niece and nephew, then we had a hearty dinner and chatted until bedtime. Coming to London is just so lovely!

Saturday 2 December – A friend-filled Christmas

Current location: Highbury
11.11am, Having coffee with my friend Siobhan. We had a really great, overdue catch-up, then I went to meet my friend Christina for an even-more-overdue hang... I hadn't;t seen her since we stopped working together in Sydney about two years ago! We had such a nice time, then I headed south of the river to Clapham Junction, where my beloved uni girls and I had a hilarious Christmas dinner. It actually consisted of weird brunch and bottomless prosecco, which made the afternoon and night with a bang, and culminated in us flaying paper aeroplanes around the pub, dining tequila shots with strangers and then drunk-booking a holiday to Amsterdam! Love these girls around the world and back.

Friday 1 December – Flying visit

Current location: Newquay
11.11am, At the airport. Ruth and I were flying to London for the weekend, and we'd had our nails and eyelashes done for the occasion. Cue drinking champers on the plane, then going to Soho for an afternoon tea, then look at all the Christmas lights, then drinks at her friends house, then Pizza Express dinner, then they went ice-skating and I went to meet my friends Catdog and Sarah. Fun-fuelled festivities!

Thursday 30 November – Ebb + Flow

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Coming home from an event at the Exchange Gallery. I am loving how close we live to town! It was a Christmas shopping event our friend Alice had put on to sell her hammam towels, and there was a lot of mulled wine and mince pies going around!

Wednesday 29 November – The Boomerangs

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Home after a pub quiz. Andy and I went with Mum and Dad, and we came third (out of not very many, but more than three). It was really fun, but basically Andy and I were useless and Mum and Dad were amazing.

Tuesday 28 November – Birthday bubbles

Current location: Chyenhal
11.11pm, Having a takeaway wth Ruth. Today is her birthday so we started the dat with coffee and croissants, and ended it with takeaway and prosecco and our friend Molly. Happy birthday my gorgeous girl. x

Sunday 26 November – A hygge/lykke day

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Eating brekky and reading my new book. Today bought a lot of cosy-ing, in my new festive leggings, with cups of tea, and Grey's Anatomy, and not a lot of productivity.

Saturday 25 November – Running, cheering, watching

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Getting home from Pip's. This morning I went on an 8-mile run with Pip, then had our ritual brekky at hers. In the afternoon Andy and I went to a Christmas open house, then went to watch Andy play football in Stithan's (4-1 win, yay! And on such a beautiful pitch, despite the hailstorm mid-game!). In the evening I went to see the Stagestruck show that Vinny and Zac are in, Alice @ Wonderland, and it was so funny! Nice one boys.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Monday 20 November – Andy is the winner!

WINNER - Andy Lawrence 'Ready, Set, Go!'

'Slightly soggy swimmers crawl their way around the pool's concrete curves during the third instalment of this years Aquathlon series.'

"This photo was a firm favourite from the beginning. It captures the smooth lines of the pool, and is masterfully composed while showing the pool"

This was what was posted to announce Andy winning the 2017 Jubilee Pool Photography Competition. Go Andy!

Sunday 19 November – Sennen car boot

Current location: Sennen
11.11am, Doing a car boot with Andy; he was selling his prints but sadly it was very quiet and we didn't sell any! It was a fun morning though, and then we went to warm up with hot chocolate with Lily and Ads.

Saturday 18 November – Whispering Angel and glittery nails

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Getting my nails done with Ruth. In the evening I went to Pip's for Whispering Angel rose, it was soooo good.

Thursday 16 November – Cliff club then Book Club (name in progress)

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Organising an afternoon walk with Mum. We had a gorgeous, windswept, sunny and lovely walk from pendent Lighthouse, and then in the evening I had Book Club, our first one! It was such a funny funny funny night, I absolutely loved it! Such good women, we talked about the book nearly the whole time.

Friday 17 November – Pub Club

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, In the Admiral Benbow, having Pub Club with Dave, Laura, Ruth, James, and then Andy, Mum and Dad when they all joined!

Sunday 12 November – Walks and talks

Current location: Perranuthnoe
11.11am, Going for a walk with Ruth while the boys went surfing. We stopped at the Mexico Inn on the way home for a cheeky pint to warm up and then Andy and I made a stew and had a cosy afternoon, before the Ley-Stephens family came back in the early evening for dinner. A lovely wholesome day.