Friday, August 11, 2017

Thursday 10 August – Perranuthnoe paddling

Current location: Perranuthnoe
11.11am, At the beach, with Ruth, Ruan, Rivie, Aoife and Zephyr (three grown-ups, three kids). It was such a gorgeous morning, I absolutely loved it; the kids were lively and lovely, the sun was shining and it was nice just to sit and have some time to chat. Then the Pyrah and Mum came, and I got to do more chatting, chilling, playing and eating. Good old Cornwall.

Wednesday 9 August – Coastal drive

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Coming home from a drive. Andy and I had been out to Gurnard's Head as the light is amazing there in the evening; on the way we passed the old mining engine houses and the sunset was pretty banging. Gurnard's Head was lovely, we had a drink in the pub (and bumped into friends Laura and Dave) and pretended we were on holiday.

Tuesday 8 August – Curry by the sea

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, In work. After work, I hung at home with Mum, Dad and the Harrisons, then Claire, Matt, Andy and I went and got a takeaway curry and ate it by the sea, lovely... until a storm came in and made us evacuate to a nearby bus shelter. Takeaway in a bus shelter, not so lovely.

Sunday 6 August – Cream tea with the team

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Having a quiet morning, hanging with the Harrisons. In the afternoon I had a cream tea at Ruth Jackson's house, with my schoolfriend Lily, Emma and Kate. It was so nice to be together, they are such kind, sweet, funny ladies. And the cream team was deeeelish.

Saturday 5 August – #Haylefest

Current location: Hayle
11.11pm, Dancing in a tent at Haylefest (I think it might actually be called Hayle Festival?). Claire and Matt had arrived today with their kids and we'd been to Porthmeor with them (via a train, and a lift from Andy when the train broke down in St Erth!). We played on the beach a bit, then I headed home and across to Hayle with Andy, where we went out for dinner with Kate and Matt, plus our old London housemate Katy. It was so much fun, we dined liked kings at Antoninis and then headed over to the festival for drinks and dancing, then a comedy taxi ride home.

Friday 4 August – St Ives in the sunshine

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Getting ready to go to St Ives. We were meeting Rhian and Viv there, and we got the train over (such a scenic journey!) so we could grab a few drinks in the sunshine. Oh my goodness, it was such a delightful day! Glorious! We went to the Porthmeor Beach Cafe and sat overlooking sea, drinking white wine and eating loads of seafood. It was absolutely amazing. After a very long lunch, we went to the Sloop Inn, managed to grab a table after not too long, and stayed there for a few more hours in the sunshine. I love this two, and I loved today!

Thursday 3 August – Outside running!

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Back home, after a morning of outside running – my first time (excluding treadmill) going for a run in 13 months. Then I got on the trampoline too. Amazing!

Tuesday 1 August – Happy anniversary Mum and Dad!

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Going to bed, leaving Mum and Dad up drinking wine/whiskey. Today is their 42nd wedding anniversary (and yesterday was Pip and Jo's 13th wedding anniversary so we drank bubbles with them in their garden) – pretty cool huh?! In the evening, I went to have dinner at Ruth and James' while Andy went to football then he came to pick me up and play with the cat Coco.

Wednesday 2 August – Chessnut

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Asleep at Pip's house. We'd come for a sleepover, and Vinny taught me how to play chess, then we watched Long Lost Family, drank wine and went to bed. Not how I used to remember sleepovers (where's the midnight feast?!) but fab all the same.

Sunday 30 July – The next day

Current location: Devon
11.11am, At the after match of the wedding. Booooo I was really sad this morning waking up to realise the wedding was over! It was so fun! Luckily the new Mr & Mrs Lea had a next-day picnic (which turned into more of an indoor feast thanks to the rain) so we go to hang out with hangovers for a bit longer before making the trip back to Cornwall.

Saturday 29 July – Emma and Brodie's wedding day!

Current location: Muddifords County Court, Devon
11.11am, Getting ready. Today is Emma's wedding day!!! Eeeeeeee! The day started so nicely, Andy and I woke up in our beautiful shepherd's hut we're staying in, and then headed over to the main house for breakfast. Then it was time to start getting ready; Cat and I did each other's hair, and then we all (including Claire, the other bridesmaid) had our make-up done and had a glass of bubbles, and then before long it was time to get Emma into her wedding dress! She was, simply, exquisite.

And then it was time for her to marry her boy. Walking down the aisle, Brodie was waiting at the front crying his eyes out, while Emma was gliding and grinning and looking every inch the perfect bride. The ceremony was so fun, with singing, and a lot of laughter, and some really poignant, beautiful moments. The sun even stayed out long enough to have photos outside and a lot of milling with bubbles and Pimm's, and even some lawn games. It was such a beautiful venue, and the afternoon just ambled on by with us all lapping up the gorgeous Devonshire countryside.

We had such a delicious (vegetarian!) three-course dinner, which included baked camembert for starter, yum. The it was time for the speeches – oh my gosh, if I thought the ceremony was funny and touching and poignant and tear-inducing, this was a whole new level. There were songs, videos, lots of tears, loads of laughing, many many cheers and just all he love in the world.

The evening brought pizza and wine-pilfering, and a lot of dancing. Plus jagerbombs, picking up the bride and groom, shoulder rides, Queen's chairs, and the best night I've had in so long. I love my friends, I love weddings and I love Emma and Brodie.

Friday 28 July – Catdog's birthday... in Devon

Current location: Devon
11.11pm, Going to bed... somewhere in Devon. I don't know where, as we'd driven straight to Emma's wedding venue where we were staying, because tomorrow she's getting married!!! Wooooop!

Today is also Cat's birthday, so when we arrived, we helped set up for the next day, and then retreated to the beautiful lounge, ate some birthday cake and drank some bubbles and then met the lovely Sadie who had come to give us manicures! We had a chilled hour or two, then finished off setting up, ate some yummy dinner with the Salters, and then just did a quick run-through of the next day and went to bed.... so excited!!

Tuesday 25 July – Babysitter extraordinaire

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Confirming that I would indeed babysit for Ruan so Ruth and James could go to the cinema.  I didn't hear a peep of our Ruan and spent most of the evening with their cat Coco getting comfy on my head.