Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monday 18 September – Exploring Falmouth

Current location: Falmouth
11.11am, In the National Maritime Museum, looking at the Tattoo exhibition. It was really amazing - there were lots of old tools used to tattoo centuries ago, which was pretty gross and interesting, and I was fascinated by the stories of why people had/have tattoos. We then had a reallllly good lunch at Chain Locker (mussels and camembert and white wine and all good things), then nipped over to see our friend in Cubert. In the evening, we went for a relish dinner at Gully Beach cafe, then drinks at Beerwolf, which sells beer and books. We secretly bought each other a book (both randomly ended up being about Germany!), went for a couple more drinks, then went back to our gorgeous room at the Chain Locker, for hot chocolate and TV in bed.

Sunday 17 September – A Falmouth staycation

Current location: Falmouth
11.11pm, Watching TV in bed and drinking hot chocolate. This is how I roll on holiday, and Andy and I are on a little trip to Falmouth. We had a lovely morning in Marazion, then a fab chilled afternoon having drinks at the Star & Garter, then went back there for dinner. It was so beautiful with the sea behind us and the biggest roast dinner in front of us!

Saturday 16 September – Our Aussie visitors

Current location: Constantine
11.11am, On our way to watch Andy play football. They ended up winning 6-2, it was a fab game, and it makes me miss our old Aussie soccer team! After the game, we headed back to Penzance and met up with Terry and Lindy, Andy's cousins. We took them on a little whistlestop tour of some of our favourite places, including Porthcurno, the Merry Maidens, the Minack, then Sennen for a pint in the Old Success. Getting peckish, we came back to Penzance and got Indian takeaway (and ate it in the Crown, brilliant!), then in the eve Andy and I went to the Vault to meet our friend Kir who was DJing. Oh, and I ran 8 miles this morning with Pippa and co!

Friday 15 September – Citrus circus

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, At Pippa's house. We went around for a cheeky gin, which turned into many, and involved a show by Pippa and their friend Steve, juggling oranges and lemons in the kitchen, naturally. And then a forgotten pizza.

Thursday 14 September – Extra! Extra!

Current location: Lostwithiel
11.11am, Being extras for a TV show called Delicious. It was very funny and quite fun, with a fair bit of hanging around!

Wednesday 13 September – Aquathlon part 2

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Home, after a busy night of running, swimming, eating and drinking. Tonight was the last 'Aquathlon' of the summer; my second one, and I got to enjoy it alongside my lovely friend Helen who happens to be down visiting. It was better than last time (I bear my tie by about 1 min, 20 sec), although harder, and I had a very cute cheer squad in the form of my parents, Pippa, and her kids. Helen ended up coming second (she is an Olympian, after all!), and then we went and met three friends Lily, Hannah and Kate, in the pub. Such a lovely night; I love that I have known these girls for 20 years!

Sunday 10 September – Drizzly but dreamy

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Having a coffee with Emma in Duke St Cafe. We had a chilled morning, with a walk along the prom in the drizzle, and didn't stop talking the whole way. We ate Revels, drank coffee, talked, laughed, hugged, then off she went. Thanks for filling my soul, lovely! In the evening, I made my first ever roast dinner (yes, I know), and it was bloody lovely.

Saturday 9 September – Vibrant visitor

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Drinking prosecco on the couch with Emma. She's come to visit! We've had the best day since we arrived - I picked her up from the station, and we drove straight to Mousehole for a (freezing) swim in the harbour, then went to The Ship Inn to warm up. Then to Paul for a gin and tonic (there are 125 to choose from!), then home to drink prosecco and get an Indian takeaway. Dream night with my dream girl.

Friday 8 September – Cream tea and local drinks

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At a Body Pump class. It was fab! In the arvo, Mum, Pip and Bea came around for a cream tea, then in the eve Andy and I rode down to Paul for a drink, then to Mousehole for another drink. It was lovely! We had jacket potatoes for tea and watched This Is England (less lovely, but great film), and had a proper good chilled Friday night.

*Wonky pics taken by Bea!*

Thursday 7 September – Spa day with Mama

Current location: Chyenhal
11.11am, Finishing a bit of work. In the afternoon I went to Carbis Bay with Mum, where we had a lovely spa afternoon. It was lovely having a swim and a sauna, and just hanging out. In the eve, we went for a drink with Pip at the cinema, then Mum and I watched a scary drama on TV (and then I was too scared to go back to Ruth's, where we're staying, until Andy got back from football).

Sunday 3 September – Walking with my farmer boy

Current location: Chyenhall
11.11am, Not doing a lot. I had a lovely lie-in, and it was all grey and rainy outside, and all cosy and warm inside. After a few hours of chilling, Andy and I went for a walk and picked some sloes and blackberries. Love this quiet life at the moment!

Saturday 2 September – Blackberry picking

Current location: Chyenhal
11.11pm, At Ruth's, where we are staying for the next week. Today mainly comprised of moving into here, and going to the gym.

Friday 1 September – A long and lovely day

Current location: Camborne
11.11am, In an interview for a course I am considering doing. I have to decide by next week, and I haven't decided yet, but the interview day was great and I'm definitely intrigued. Afterwards, Andy and I headed to Wadebridge, where we ate a pasty by the river and had a little nap in the sunshine, then we went to a beautiful little place near Washaway (real name!). I'm writing some copy for a friend of a friend's website, who has a new events venue, and the place is stunning. Andy and I hadn't met the owners, Helen and Dave, before, but they were an absolutely brilliant couple. The tone was set when they opened a bottle of wine as soon as we arrived. It was only supposed to be an hour's meeting, but five-and-a-half hours later, we were finally leaving, having been fed and watered and with promises to meet up soon. I left feeling really buzzing (not just because of the wine!) and like this meeting heralded a shift in something... meeting new people, starting to feel part of something... It's a good feeling!

Thursday 31 August – Bad auntie

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, On my way home. I'd been babysitting for the Pyrahs, and had let them watch a film that was probably too old for them, eat lots of popcorn and crisps and stay up too late. What are aunties for?

Tuesday 29 August – Minack Theatre

Current location: Porthcurno
11.11pm, On our way back from the Minack Theatre, where we'd watched Gypsy. It's such an awesome theatre, built into the cliffs above Porthcurno, and the sea beyond the stage is mesmerising. The show was really good, and we'd taken a yummy picnic, so it was all-round a fab eve. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday 28 August – Fish Festival

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At Newlyn Fish Festival. Today is Pip's birthday, so we were with the Pyrahs! It was quite fun wandering around but then we were a bit knackered from a week of activity and a bit too hot, so Andy and I scuttled off and had a quiet afternoon riding along to Marazion, then I made crab linguine with crab we bought from the fish festival - it was good!