Thursday, December 14, 2017

Monday 20 November – Andy is the winner!

WINNER - Andy Lawrence 'Ready, Set, Go!'

'Slightly soggy swimmers crawl their way around the pool's concrete curves during the third instalment of this years Aquathlon series.'

"This photo was a firm favourite from the beginning. It captures the smooth lines of the pool, and is masterfully composed while showing the pool"

This was what was posted to announce Andy winning the 2017 Jubilee Pool Photography Competition. Go Andy!

Sunday 19 November – Sennen car boot

Current location: Sennen
11.11am, Doing a car boot with Andy; he was selling his prints but sadly it was very quiet and we didn't sell any! It was a fun morning though, and then we went to warm up with hot chocolate with Lily and Ads.

Saturday 18 November – Whispering Angel and glittery nails

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Getting my nails done with Ruth. In the evening I went to Pip's for Whispering Angel rose, it was soooo good.

Thursday 16 November – Cliff club then Book Club (name in progress)

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Organising an afternoon walk with Mum. We had a gorgeous, windswept, sunny and lovely walk from pendent Lighthouse, and then in the evening I had Book Club, our first one! It was such a funny funny funny night, I absolutely loved it! Such good women, we talked about the book nearly the whole time.

Friday 17 November – Pub Club

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, In the Admiral Benbow, having Pub Club with Dave, Laura, Ruth, James, and then Andy, Mum and Dad when they all joined!

Sunday 12 November – Walks and talks

Current location: Perranuthnoe
11.11am, Going for a walk with Ruth while the boys went surfing. We stopped at the Mexico Inn on the way home for a cheeky pint to warm up and then Andy and I made a stew and had a cosy afternoon, before the Ley-Stephens family came back in the early evening for dinner. A lovely wholesome day.

Saturday 11 November – Scrumptious scrolls and Lovely Lorna

Current location: Nailsworth
11.11am, Making cinnamon scrolls (it might not have been at this exact time, but we definitely make some!). After we ate them, we headed into Stroud for a potter and some lunch, and then I had to drive back to Cornwall. I stopped en route to Penzance and met Nicky's brand new baby Lorna. She is absolutely divine. 

Friday 10 November – Run run running

Current location: Nailsworth
11.11am, Going for a run. I didn't really know where I was going or how long I was out for but when I got home I saw I'd run about 8 miles! Much further than I intended to! When all the Harrisons got home, we had a fun eve and then Claire and Matt went out for dinner/to see a comedy show, and I babysat. Louis and Anna were so sweet and lovely, we had such a nice time!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Thursday 9 November – My journey to Claire's

Current location: Nailsworth
11.11pm, Going to bed at Claire's house. Today I drove there (a real accomplishment for me!) and then got to hang out with some of my fave people in the world: Claire, Matt, Louis and Anna. We did some drawing, a lot of playing and dancing, and then Claire and I went out for a cocktail/mocktail and dinner. Ahhhhh full hearts.

Wednesday 8 November – All the gins

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, Cycling home from a gin night with my bosses! We had a tasting session, for an upcoming feature, and paired it with a takeaway and a chance for Andy to meet them. What a fab evening!

Tuesday 7 November – Wed Meet-up

Current location: Redruth, Cornwall
11.11am, At a wedding event. Wed Meet Up is an industry networking event, and it was great to meet people from the wedding world, which is relatively new to me. It was a fab event, with a yummy lunch, interesting speakers and the craziest speed-networking-hour I've ever encountered! I like this industry... everyone's so supportive of and kind to each other!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sunday 5 November – In the office

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, Sitting at the kitchen table with Andy, both of us plugging away on our computers. I did some freelance work, then we went to visit our gorgeous friends Willy and Becky and their two kids, before coming home, doing some more work, and making the most epic stew ever! Red wine, Stranger Things and sofa time... Perfect Sunday!

Saturday 4 November – Running riot

Current location: Penzance
11.11am, At Pip's house, after a seven-mile run and a pancake brekky. (This pic is Zac peeking through the letterbox.) The rest of the day involved some freelance work, watching Andy play football and a shift at the Mexican restaurant Andy works at (as they were short-staffed). Fun times all round!

Friday 3 November – Strangers on a Train

Current location: Penzance-ish
11.11pm, On a train, nearly back in Penzance. I spent a lot of today on a train, here's why: Ruth and I caught a 1pm train up to Bodmin for an awesome event put on by Stranger Collective.

In their words: On board a 1930s steam train chugging across the Cornish countryside, Strangers on a Train is a one-day micro 'thought festival', sparking new creativity, collaboration and intrigue along the way.

There were some inspirational speakers on board the carriages, not to mention storytellers, a disco carriage, some gin, a make-up artist and tarot card reader, a quiet carriage, a whole venison and roasted veggies to eat, and a lot of really awesome people.