Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sunday 3 May – Maden becomes a Ramsay

Current location: Shepton Mallet
11.11pm, Dancing! Dancing our socks off at Sara and Paul's wedding! What a day, and night, with some of my favourite people in the whole wide world. The morning started off early with breakfast with the groom… We 'treated' him to breakfast brandy, balloons, a scratchcard (no win, sadly) and lots of excitement! Then he went off with Andy (official wedding photographer) to get ready and get some photos taken, while us girls and Will got ready altogether and headed over to the beautiful manor house, where the wedding was. 

When Sara walked in with her bridesmaids, it was truly breathtaking. She looked more beautiful than I'd even imagined, and just so happy! The ceremony was beautiful and, when we all went outside to throw confetti over them and toast the new Mr and Mrs Ramsay, the rain had even stopped and given way to lovely sunshine. 

It was a gorgeous venue, set in stunning grounds, and the not-at-all-forecast sunshine gave Sara, Paul and their guests time to wander around the gardens in the sunshine. We played some croquet, drank some champers and took some photos before the weather had other ideas and started raining on us. Luckily, by then it was almost time to go in for dinner, so we mingled a little bit more, bought a bottle of bubbles and then it was time for dinner and speeches. They were beautiful, and so heartfelt, especially the words spoken by Sara's mum Cheryl. They are so close, and Cheryl had us all laughing and crying within about 30 seconds!

After dinner, it was time to hit the dancefloor, so hit it we did! Andy's photo-taking duties were almost over, so we all spent a few hours drinking, boogying and chatting some of Sara and Paul's friends. As the band came back on after a little break, this was our cue to perform our dance we'd all been secretly practising (including an impromptu practice about 30 minutes earlier, outside in the car park!). Maden loved it (we even made her cry!) and we all loved it, and everything was just wonderful. By the time we made our way up to our beautiful rooms (seriously, best room I've ever stayed in!), our dancing shoes had been kicked off but our goofy grins were firmly on! Such a fun wedding, with my super girls. 

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