Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday 30 June - Sunshine and flowers

11.11am, I was walking through some beautiful flower gardens in downtown Berlin with Andy. Though not a usual wearer of all black in the sunshine, I'd just come from my interview, which luckily the fashionista that is Bree dressed me for (after stating, "You're NOT going to an interview wearing that" about my original outfit).

It's so hot today; every day this week is supposed to be over 30˚C. Woohoo! I've just had a lovely outdoorsy lunch with my wonderful friend Susann; now a chilled afternoon for me, then a nice big house dinner and maybe a little dancing tonight...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday 29 June - Cover to cover

At 11.11am today, I was flicking through this month's Vogue. But don't think this is me just having a lazy day - it actually counts as revision, as tomorrow I have an interview for a writing/sub-editing position on a fashion website. I won't reveal which one yet in case the interview goes horribly wrong...

Monday 28 June - New home

11.11am, I was waking up in what is to be my new home for the summer. I've moved from Cornwall to Berlin and now live in a beautiful apartment in Neuk├Âlln.
Here's the apartment in numbers:

2 boys (my boyfriend, Andy, and his brother, Nick)
2 girls (Nick's girlfriend, Bree, and me)
2 balconies
18 cameras
6 bikes
0 working showers
1 saying etched into tiles in the kitchen: 'Sich regen bringt Segen' (Hard work pays off)

Hard work wasn't exactly what I had planned for this lazy, hot summer of funemployment, but I guess time will tell...