Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tuesday 26 May – Biking in Bath

Current location: Bath, England
11.11am, Walking. Or on a bus, I'm not really sure. Today our mega group of 16 split into two... half into town to see some clowns and go to some parks, and the other half to hire bikes and ride along the canal. I was in the bike gang, along with Andy, Mum, Claire, Matt, Louis and Vinny. We went to the bike hire place, and found they had no kids' bikes or bike seats... and apparently there were no more bike hire places in the city. So, we gave up. For about five minutes, until I decided to call some not-in-the-city places and figure out if we could get to somewhere that did have bikes for us. We found somewhere a bus ride and walk away, so off we went.

After we got off the bike, we had about an hour's walk, which was mostly beautiful, but also some of which was a bit scary down steep roads. But mostly beautiful. By the time we got to the bike hire place on the canal, it was lunchtime, so we ate some lunch then hopped on our two wheels and off we went. It was Louis' first time on a bike (on the back of a bike counts, right?) and he loved it! We rode along a beautiful route by the canal, through the countryside. It was so gorgeous, and we all had the best time! We stopped in a pub a few kms away, for an ice cream and/or a shandy, then rode back to the beginning. Such a fun and funny few hours. By the time we got back, we were pretty tired and a bit reluctant to do the hour's walk back up the hill, but Mum, ever-resourceful Mum, managed to convinced a private bus company to take us back to town.

We arrived back at the house just as the others were arriving from their day of fun too, so the boys went off to get pizzas for tea, and the rest of us fed the kids and got them into bed ready for another lovely night of chatting and wine and just being together.

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