Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday 1 September – Brilliant Bethan is in Berlin

11.11pm, In a cute bar called Luzia with Nick and my friend Bethan. She's come from the UK to visit me and we've been having an ace time catching up. We met in Spanish classes in Liverpool and, since then, have both been jumping about all over the place, so it's ace to finally see each other again.

She is hot stuff. She looks like Diana Vickers but cooler.
Anyway, when she landed here, we went to her hostel, where she is sharing a room with a lot of nocturnal boys, and then we went for a wander around Kreuzberg. Our wander took us to the Hühnerhaus (see blog post here) and then to Görlitzer Park, where Bethan, Andy, Emma, Nick and I sat in the sun, and then the shade, with a beer.

Bethan's favourite thing so far is that you can go a shop and buy a beer, and they'll take the bottle cap off for you so you can drink in the street/park. She's easily entertained.

After the park, we went to Santa Maria, where Andy was a dream employee and brought us food and wine, before Emma headed off to work and Nick, Beth and I crossed the road to Luzia. Two more bottles of wine and lots of candlelit chatting later and it was home time.

High point: Bethan, in all her glory!
Low point: Falling asleep on the train on the way home and sitting (on the train) at the station for ages, because we live at the last stop and I simply didn't wake up. Classy.

(Image of Luzia taken from Cafekulturberlin)

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