Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday 4 September - Changeover Day

11.11am, Just got back to our house after dropping Bethan at the airport and picking up Ruth and Nicky. I was a little worse for wear, to put it nicely, considering Bethan and I had decided as the night wore on, to go straight to the airport from the club. Being in Schoenefeld Airport with Naw at 9am still smelling of woodsmoke from Club de Visionaire's drum fire was kind of weird.

Still, the best hangover cure had to be Ruth and Nicky walking through the arrivals gate! After I had a good nap at home, I met them at the apartment they were staying at, then we went to Santa Maria for amazing dinner and free tequilas. Then onto Peligro for bespoke cocktails courtesy of Keno. Wilkommen aus Berlin, Lieblings!

Ps... Read a review of Santa Maria in easyJet inflight magazine here. Very well-written I say!

(Picture of Santa Maria taken by Andy Lawrence, from Las Marias)

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