Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday 3 September - Say cheese!

11.11pm, Taking snappy photos of ourselves in Berliner Photoautomats. They're one of my favourite things about Berlin; photo booths all over the city that give you four different black-and-white photos for €2. Super!

Bethan and I had had a lovely eve at Keno and Eri's house, drinking wine from mugs and eating pizza with Sus, Nick, Emma and Hoppo. I chose the 'Crazy dog' pizza, which consisted of gherkins, tartar sauce, sausage and crispy onion. Sounds rank, tastes amazing.

We all ended up in Club de Visionaire, like always, where we huddled around the open fire and got much more merry.

(Picture taken from The Blackbirds Are Rough Today)

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