Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sunday 11 June – Brunch, lunch and family fun

Current location: Newtown
11.11am, Having brunch with Maddie, Lauren, Ducky and Tom. Some of our super faves in one room! It was a fun morning but then we had to say bye, and that wasn't fun at all! I know these people will be in my life forever, I just wish they'd be in it every day too!
After brunch, Andy, Jess and I walked up to Bach Eatery on King Street, and joined our 'Sydney family' for lunch. It was a champagne-fuelled, teary but joyous affair, where Sha performed a poem, Christabel made us cry, and we soaked up all the love of our beloved self-formed family. How I love these people so much, and how they have made my Sydney life so fab.
In the eve, Jess and I drove to the coast and had a roast dinner with Dave and Val, plus Mitch and Livvy.

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