Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday 7 July – Celebrate good times

Current location: Penzance
11.11pm, At Ruth's, with Nicky, James, other James and Andy, where we were having a dinner party. Ruth and I had spent most of the day planning it (a Cornish-themed extravaganza). We had marinated beetroot with goats' cheese and rocket, baked pollock with Cornish new potatoes and spinach, a trio of Cornish ice-creams (that everyone had to blind taste-test), the cheeses and then marshmallows toasted on the firepit. Plus edible pebbles, personalised menus and scratchcards (only James R won!). It was such a lovely evening, celebrating James and Nicky's news they're expecting a baby girl. And then in more good news, Andy and I won Articulate, haha.

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