Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday 1 June – #BheartsG

Current location: Lymington
11.11pm, Dancing at the wedding. We started the day by driving into Lymington and having a haircut so we looked semi-presentable and not like we'd been camping! Then we drove to a pretty lake called Hatchet Pond, and made a coffee on our camping stove, it was excellent!
We got back in time to get ready, then it was wedding time! What followed was a beautiful and so-sunny day, with a gorgeous and heartfelt ceremony that was so Gem and Bash (including toasted their marriage with a shot of homemade sloe gin), then cricket and lawn games, and ice cream, and scones, and drinks and lots of chats with lovely people. The evening brought a delicious hog roast, more chats with more lovely people, and excellent speeches that included Gem playing a song to Bash on her ukulele. Dancing and cheese and more chats, and then it was bedtime. What a beautiful wedding!

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