Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Friday 9 June – Final countdown

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Not driving anywhere. Today we were meant to drive the rest of our stuff up the coast, but this morning our car wouldn't start! It needs to be scrapped sadly, so we borrowed our friend's car and Andy drove our stuff up. It was a horrible morning, but moving is never fun I guess!
I had a quick coffee with some of the New Idea girls, and then went to my last physio session with super-physio Sam at Erko Physio. He has been, in a word, amazing. He's got me up and running (literally!) and through a pretty horrible time, knowing just how far to push me and how to keep me laughing when I've wanted to cry. It was bittersweet leaving physio for the last time today, as I feel like I've 'graduated' after all the hard work I've done, but I'm scared of doing it all on my own from now on!
After physio I met Patrick my old boss, and his wife Fiona, for a coffee. It was sad saying bye to them too - so many goodbyes! Then I headed up the coast for our last few days in NSW.

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