Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saturday 12 September - Manly moments

Current location: Manly
11.11pm, On the way home. For accuracy's sake, we may not have actually been in Manly at this point; maybe we were on the ferry or the train, I can't remember. But anyway, on our way back from Manly.

I'd had such a fun day! Andy and I went to the beach in Manly – it was an absolute scorcher of a day; it was about 26˚C and it felt like summer! We had a sunbathe and a nap on the beach and a walk, and then Andy went to watch the AFL with some friends, and I went for a 10km run with Jess and Sha (I'm still in training for the 9km Bridge Run). It was SUCH a perfect afternoon/evening for a run, and we went up to north Head with the ocean in front of us and a gorgeous sunset to inspire us. It's stunning in these parts!

When we got back home, we rehydrated with some rose (and a bit of water but mainly rose) and got ready to go out and meet the others for dinner at the Skiff Club. I was pretty overexcited I think, and just had the funniest night of laughing and eating and drinking, and just really enjoying the feeling when you know summer is coming and you have friends to go adventuring with!

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