Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunday 16 August – Grand Final time

Current location: Redfern, Sydney
11,11am, Hungover on a train. I had a few jobs to do this morning but, after last night’s shenanigans, I was a bit slow to get moving. However, when I was on the train on the way into the city, I had a message from my lovely friend Alissa, offering me a ticket to today’s Netball World Cup Grand Final! SO EXCITING!
The final was between Australia and New Zealand, which was what was predicted from the outset, and the two teams didn’t disappoint. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two sports teams so desperate to win anything before!
We had amazing seats in the corporate lounge, complete with food and Champers (which we didn’t make the most of sadly), and I was totally fanning out with all the other professional ex-netballers (ex-professional netballers?) who were also sitting there – even more so when the whole England team came and sat down near us!
The game wasn’t really that close for most of it, as Australia had gone off to a cracking start and then led the whole way, but in the final quarter, NZ really started to chase and caught up to within a few goals. The atmosphere was insane, and so loud, and when the final whistle went, streamers and glitter and ticker tape and excitement exploded from the ceiling, raining down on all the players and crowd. So much fun! And what an amazing experience to be in Sydney while the Netball World Cup has been going on. I’m so glad I got to see it!

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