Thursday, September 17, 2015

Saturday 29 August – CC Strikers!

Current location: Northern beaches, NSW
11.11am, In the car. Andy and I were on our way to watch his soccer team, CC Strikers. It was Grand Final day, so ordinarily Andy would have been playing, but he tore his MCL this week, so he is being a sad panda but a great supporter and teammate. 
It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day, and it was an ace game to watch in the sunshine, with the boys eventually winning 4-2. Wooooo Champions!!!!

After the game it was time for celebratory drinks with the boys, and it was so LADS LADS LADS! So much banter, and beer, and I didn’t stop laughing all day!
In the evening, we went to one of the boys’ houses for a BBQ, and to carry on the celebrations. It was such a fun day/night, and a great hoopla to honour great sportspeople!

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