Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sunday 13 September - He said yes!!!!


Current location: Sydney Park
11.11am, GETTING ENGAGED!!!!! Today, at about 10.45am, I asked the love of my life to marry me. And he said yes!! We'd been talking about getting married for a while, I'd been thinking about proposing for a couple of months, and then this week, I decided to actually propose. Aaaahhh it was so exciting! I definitely recommend it, it was so fun!

All week I've been stockpiling 'props', without Andy noticing, then this morning I told him I was going out for a run with Jess and Allison. What we were actually doing was frantically printing things, creating things and then running to a little spot in Sydney Park and hanging things off trees!

He then thought he was meeting me and our friend Ducky in the park (I'd told Ducky to meet us half an hour later), and when he arrived, I think he was a bit hurried and hot and bothered, but he walked up the hill with me to where I'd laid out our little picnic spot. As we got closer, I told him I had a little surprise and to close his eyes. His response: 'Is it a dog?!' Sorry love, it's not.

Then he opened his eyes, saw the 'Will you marry me?' bunting, I got overwhelmed, pointed and cried, and he said yes and then we lived happily ever after.

It was awesome! We couldn't stop grinning, and then my little engagement elves (Allison and Jess) popped up with Champagne and we all squealed and celebrated, and then Nick (who knew) and Bree (who didn't) turned up and we all squealed a lot more, then Nick went off and arrived back with lots of and lots of Champagne, and some more gorgeous friends turned up, and we all squealed and celebrated for a couple of hours in the incredible sunshine.

AAAHHH it was the best! The day just kept getting better, and hotter, so we jumped in the car and went to a beautiful beach for a swim and a squeal and a celebration and lots of grinning.

The evening brought a lot of excitedly telling our families (who'd just woken up in the UK to a message from me saying 'Tell me when you're awake' and so probably were quite panicked – sorry sisters!), then we went to our friend Zoe's birthday BBQ and squealed and celebrated and drank more Champagne. This has been the best day!!!!!! I'm so glad my Aussie Wonderman said YES!

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