Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tuesday 11 August - Netball World Cup

Current location: Erskineville, Sydney
11,11pm, On my way back from Olympic Park, where I had been watching the Netball World Cup. I remember when it was announced it would be held in Sydney in August 2015, I thought there was no way we’d still be here then, but here I am! Still in Sydney, and this week feeling very glad about the fact I get to watch the world’s best netballers in my (current) home town!
My friend Emily works for the Daily Telegraph, and so managed to get us great court-side tickets. At the time she got them, we had no idea who would be playing that night, as it relied on who would make it through the preliminary rounds… But lo and behold, we saw England v Australia! I still can’t believe I got to watch that match-up! 
After two years of supporting and indulging my love of Aussie netball, it felt strange to be barracking for England, and sadly the English Roses couldn’t quite get a win. But I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face that night. 

This wasn’t just for netball reasons, however. I also got a message halfway through the game from one of my all-time best friends Emma, to say she’d got engaged!!! So I ‘Cheers’ed her (and so did everyone else I was sitting with!) and watched the game with a HUGE smile on my face. On the train on the way back, Emily and I carried on with the joy and had the best chats ever. Hooray! Loving life!

(Ps, MMMBop, best song ever, was also playing at the stadium tonight. Peak of my life?!)

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