Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday 16 April - Scooters, parks, hills, fun

Current location: Helston, Cornwall
11.11am, Playing in the skate park. I was with my nephews (Zac, 3, and Vinny, 5), who had scooters for Christmas and both absolutely love scooting around. They were pretty impressive, actually, nipping up and down the smaller ramps but, sensibly, didn't try and hurtle down the half pipe. Instead, they came up with a much better option of using the half pipe as a slide. They couldn't actually get up it, being pretty little, so used me as a ladder and then slid down to the middle. It was pretty awesome, until the 'real' skaters turned up and we had to vacate our home-made playground.

(Picture of half pipe/slide taken from Fairfax County)

1 comment:

  1. i have always wanted to try skating on one of these....i don't think i could actually do it, but still want to try foolishly!

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