Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday 6 April - Cider walk

Current location: At Glynde station
11.11am, Meeting lots of people I hadn't seen for a while, on a train platform.
It was our friend Jools' birthday and he organised an amazing day of cider, sunshine and good people. About 15-20 of us met at the station, which was about 20 minutes outside of Brighton, in the morning and were greeted with blue skies and warm sun. We headed off to the pub for our first pint of the day and to plan our route, as well as begin some long-overdue catch ups with friends I hadn't seen in years.
Over the next eight hours, we walked over the hills, through fields, along paths, across roads and through villages. We stopped for lunch at Middle Farm, which is an amazing cider farm (among other things). There were over 100 ciders to sample and we did our best to get through them between us, taking some away with us to keep us hydrated on our walk – resulting in a slightly wobbly but very fun afternoon! We finally ended up at the station for a train to take us back to Jools and Louise's house/mansion for a barbecue as the sun went down.
It was one of those amazing days that comes about as a result of sunshine, the great outdoors and, most importantly, people that are good for the soul.

This picture is pinched from Andy's blog, which has a much more detailed account of the day as well as some stunning pictures – go and check it out!

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