Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday 1 April - Horniman museum

Current location: Dulwich, London
11.11am, At the Horniman Museum, running around in the gardens with my lovely niece Ella and my sister, Kate, and brother-in-law, Jim. The Rees family. They are all blinking amazing and I love living in the same city as them. Ella was full of beans, running, flying, jumping, poking, dancing, eating, banging and generally having all the fun a two-year-old should be having. I'd never been to the Horniman before, and it's a really cool museum. 'Museum' actually seems like too fusty a word for this place; it's so much fun and actively encourages kids to shout, play, bang around and generally enjoy themselves. There is also a pretty awesome taxidermy exhibition, which includes a walrus that was brought over from Canada in the early 19th century and promptly overstuffed to get rid of the wrinkles.

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