Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Saturday 31 March - We won! We won! We won!

Current location: Hither Green
11.11am, On the platform, waiting for a train to take me to netball. I was playing my last matches of the season: one for the first team, and one for the second team immediately after. I love my club a lot...but though we've had a lot of fun this season, we (the second team) have also failed to ever win a match we were determined to go down fighting!

First up was the match for the first team, and we played Chislehurst. It was a pretty good start; I played WD and ran around quite a lot with my arms flailing. We ended the first quarter a few goals up... and at the end of the hour, we were still a few goals up, winning 38-33! Yippee, I was so happy as it was the first game I had ever won with Blackheath Wanderers!

I didn't have much time to celebrate though, as the second-team game against Swanley was about to start. I got to recover a bit and sit on the sidelines until half time, by which point we were up by 2 goals... a very rare occurrence for our team! We had loads of supporters and the atmosphere was great. All the girls were playing so well and, when I came on at half time as WA, everyone was so determined to win. We were matching Swanley almost goal for goal and, with 15 minutes left, were drawing 30-all.

Cue a rousing pep talk from our amazing coach Laura and a lot of serious game faces... We played our little hearts out, making lots of interceptions and shooting pretty much every goal on target and (as you might be able to guess by the title of this blog post) WE WON!! We won, we won!

As the final whistle went, we all cheered at the result, 40-32 (a big improvement on the last time we played Swanley, when they won by 16 goals!). We've improved so much this season and it's ace to see all our efforts going into actually winning a game! Laura has been a huuuuuge help with her awesome coaching, as has the dedication of Team 2 every week at training.

Yippee!! Well done lovely Blackheath Wanderers! x

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